Tommee Tippee breast pump reduced to £1.53 instore only @ Tesco

Tommee Tippee breast pump reduced to £1.53 instore only @ Tesco

Found 16th Jul 2009
Tommee Tippee freedom breast pump with steriliser box and milk storage bottle, also has a few breast pads in box!!

Might not be nationwide but Hindley branch had LOADS in stock 5 mins ago! I think other stores will have them as my local also had the bargain Lascal buggy board that someone posted on here a few days ago! Looks like Tesco are clearing certain lines throughout several of their stores
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I still can't work out how to put pictures on so here's a link to the one on the tommee tippee website…mp/
hi, i've been to hindley today and they are advertised at £25.00. i even took it to a checkout to get it checked just in case! gutted, would've been great to get one at that price, will look out for it happening again. x
aaaah, the old 'instore only' deal. :thumbsup:
:oops: as i'm new to this site i'm not sure what you mean! There were still loads of the pumps on the shelf. If i here of an offer like this again i'm loading up the girls and going straight there! :thumbsup: guess i'll have to pay full price somewhere!
Don't mean any disrespect, but i've spent a fortune on time and diesel trying to find these deals in the past.
the Tomee tipee breast pump is half price at morrisons was £21.94 now £10.97 but going to tescos anyway so will keep a look out

Welshy x
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aaaah, the old 'instore only' deal. :thumbsup:

I'm also quite new here but i'm assuming that this is implying that i'm making it up? I've finally managed to attatch a link to a pic of my reciept...they were on the summer sale aisle rather than the baby aisle, I'm not surprised they didn't stay there long @ that price but like I said these clearances seem to be random with a lot of luck involved, the idea of posting it is so that if ppl see them quickly enough that they can take advantage, hopefully someone else did get some benefit from this, the buggy board that is also on the reciept was posted on here about 3 days before they were in my local branch so its worth keepin our eyes open when instore
I got one in my local store too at Bedworth but mine was £3 but i did get mine a couple of days ago so there obvioulsy just repeatedly reducing them until they sell as about a week before i brought mine they were down to £15! There making way for the new TT closer to nature breastpump.
But my local store dont have3 any left so no-one go rushing to get one, as you wont :0)
none in 2 local stores

Welshy x
might try ringing wigan and hindley on monday morningi

might try ringing wigan and hindley on monday morningi

Hi, I don't have a clue about Wigan but the Hindley one had none of the reduced ones left on the shelf earlier on
Hey, no disrespect, i just wish Tesco's would may these nationwide offers.
The mother of my next child is looking for one of these. I'll go have a look in our store tomoro but sounds like another wild goose chase. Great deal if you can find it and if you got a bun in the oven...that makes me wonder, is there any other use of a breast pump other than pumping milk from breasts? hmmmmmm i shall investigate
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if anyone finds any will they purchase one for me please!!!!!! will pay all costs and extra for hassle?
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