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Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Video Monitor at £90 @ Asda George
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Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Video Monitor at £90 @ Asda George

Posted 22nd Apr 2017
Product Features:

Infrared night vision camera ensure excellent video quality
3-inch colour screen with room temperature display
Movement sensor pad monitors movement with adjustable sensitivity settings
Long distance range, up to 300 metres with out-of-range indicator
Two-way talkback feature and fully digital sound to reassure baby from afar
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Bought this in Asda about 3 years ago for £40, so it's been much cheaper.

Our experience is:
. Signal distance is good
. Battery life time is pointless, even when using the most expensive single use or rechargeables. Both units really need to be plugged in as they only go about 6-8 hours max on battery.
. Infrared isn't great, doesn't have IR-cut, things white out
. Night light is pointless
. The pad was pointless, great concept but kept getting false alarms all the time, even when tinkering with sensitive, changing mattress, putting a board under mattress, etc.

Don't get me wrong, it's OK but not great... wouldn't pay more than we did for it.
Bought this 2 years ago and still working well. The sensor pad was just too sensitive so stopped using.

The image quality is good - colour image in daylight as well as clear night image.

I also like the fact you can speak into the monitor so baby can hear your voice.

The nightlight has 3 settings, with the higher setting casting just a glow but this is ideal for a sleeping baby.

Works well at a distance and portable monitor holds it's charge well.

Overall we were very pleased with our purchase. Friends/family have commented and bought it themselves!
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