Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep £64.99 @ Amazon
Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep £64.99 @ Amazon

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep £64.99 @ Amazon

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Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep (also available in black) now £64.99 @ Amazon, usually £99.99


Also available at John Lewis for same price but with 2year guarantee

These things are brilliant. No need to wait for milk to Cool it's perfect temp and takes 2 minutes if that!

or just use your boobs for free and keep yourself and baby healthy. perfect temperature and on hand wherever you are!

^^^ twerp alert.

Wouldn't waste my money on something that puts hot water into a bottle for me when in clearly capable of doing that myself..... Of just save yourself a whole heP of money and breastfeed?

These are brilliant and ideal for night time feeds...catL80 maybe you shouldn't judge people. Some people can't breast feed.

People make me laugh breast feeding brigade always have to comment!! If you have no need for this why comment at all!!?? It's not just about hot water it makes a bottle in under 2 minutes which is a godsend at night time! Not a bad price!!
Oh and I have breast fed and bottle fed also before you feel the need to start preaching breast is best

breastfeeding preachers are out. fab machine paid full price for it and worth every penny.

Why is it always "The breastfeeding brigade" that are attacked. I can see all the defensive formula feeders coming out.

Brilliant machine and price. I paid £130 for this when it first came out and was my best purchase. No one wants to hear a baby crying whilst your trying to cool a freshly made bottle down. This makes life easier for sleep deprived mums!

Daughter just had twins,so bought her one its a god send best thing ever10/10 well worth the money!

i still think that is overpriced, keep watching it as ive seen it in 50 pound range a lot this year.

we bought one it is brilliant and saves loads of time! it helps a lot if you have kettle that only boils per cup, such a hassle with them.

It's been cheaper. I loved mine and will buy again for next baby

I managed to pay £44.99 from toys r us before Xmas so not the best price. Heard nothing but good about these
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