Tommee tippee prep machine black £49.99 @ Amazon

Tommee tippee prep machine black £49.99 @ Amazon

Found 5th Jul 2017
Tommee tippee prep machine on sale at amazon for 49.99 steal of a price to be honest and a great item for a new arrival

Hope this helps someone
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good item ignore the black mold queeries its people using the wrong filters
We got one but never had the need to use it, it's just sat gathering dust. Everyone I know with babies uses them with no problems re the mould issues(I even took apart a few of them out of interest). We just preferred to make up bottles each day and store in fridge, as per WHO guidelines, quick and easy and then readily available as and when required with just a few minutes to warm.

Good price though, similar to what I paid.
As a new parent to a two week old child, I can assure anyone thinking of buying one of these you won't regret it. They're an absolute essential in my opinion, especially as you can make a bottle up in around a minute at the perfect temperature.

The bad stories about them as should be taken with a large pinch of salt, as Tommee Tippee have requested the findings are proof of the so called independent tests and haven't been given access to them to investigate further from what I know.

Just stick to the official filters and you'll be fine.
Good deal, we picked one up from Amazon Warehouse for just over £40. The box was supposed to be damaged but it is literally brand new, worth a look!
Good price!
£59.99 now, same price as Boots.
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