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Tommee Tippee Prep Machine - £35 instore @ Morrisons (Bolton)
Posted 24th Feb 2017Posted 24th Feb 2017LocalLocal
Tommee Tippee Prep Machine - £35 instore @ Morrisons (Bolton)
Tommee Tippee prep machines had been reduced at Morrisons to £35!

Not sure you've grasped the purpose of boiling the water. It's not to just sterilise the water but to sterilise the formula powder too which is why you are supposed to add hot water to the powder. Non sterile powder in sterile bottles with sterile cold water = non-sterile feed...Babies older than 6months not so much of an issue but either sterilise everything properly or there's no point sterilising anything. Perfect prep works by introducing a small quantity of near boiling water hot enough to kill any bugs in formula then topping up with filtered water to the correct total quantity and to the correct finished temperature. Whilst there are other, 'perfect prep-free' methods (we don't have one but effectively do the same process manually) I can see why people would want and use one of these machines.


Complete waste of time..and money ..much quicker and easier just to make your own bottles....sterilise em fill em to your choice of oz....then when require it add ur powder and bung in micro....all this heat spot stuff is crap....your not making it anywhere hot enough for heat spots friend was telling me it's great saying 'I can make a bottle in 2mins, I replied 'takes me 30 seconds' I can see why first time mums but these as they think they need really don't


Says £120 on Asda website?


£30 in Asda now I believe


Awesome price..I paid £60 for mine.Have some heat!!! X)

Tommee Tippee Sangenic nappy disposal bin - £9.99
Posted 11th Dec 2011Posted 11th Dec 2011
Tommee Tippee Sangenic nappy disposal bin - £9.99
A great Nappy Bin and Free Delivery! 99% of users said they would recommend the Sangenic Nappy Disposal System to other mums. To celebrate, we are giving you and your friends the … Read more
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I agree that the refills are v.expensive & the bin can get a bit pongy, but I still found it v.useful as I am not able to easily access my bin outside & prefer not to smell them in the flat through the nappy sacks! I tend to order the re-fills when amazon are doing a deal but still not exactly cheap! As for the price, it's good, got it for a tenner from the baby show a couple of years ago as well and haven't seen it at this price lately.

I wouldn't waste your money, just get a normal bin and put in liner and empty every few days, we had one and the whole thing stank after a few months


Complete waste of money, its just as easy to stick the nappy in a nappy bag & tie it up.


Thank you for your opinion :) That sounds very expensive then - seems people on Amazon are saying the same. Guess I will just have to go with my original plan of sending my older two out to the bin 10 times a day :D


Paid £25 for mine from Mama's & Papa's 3 weeks ago :( Excellent item but the refills dont last very long...our baby is just 3wks old and we're already on our 3rd cartridge! :S

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Electric Steriliser - £20 @ Tommee Tippee
Posted 28th Mar 2011Posted 28th Mar 2011
Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Electric Steriliser - £20 @ Tommee Tippee
BPA free for total reassurance Simple and convenient Fast 5 minute sterilising cycle Sleek new design FREE inside 1 x 150ml bottles, bottle brush and teat tongs de… Read more

Thanks for this great deal! It has been featured over on the HUKD blog ]Playpennies!


one just sold on ebay for £20 plus £7.99 delivery. :/


£19.50 in store at tesco picked mine up the other day


We got this a couple of months back good value

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Tommee Tippee up to 50% off sale. SPRING SALE
Posted 10th Mar 2010Posted 10th Mar 2010
Tommee Tippee up to 50% off sale. SPRING SALE
Thought I would share as seems like some good deals to be had. (Be gentle though I dont post often!) Too many to list but Closer to Nature New Electric Steriliser now £20.42. … Read more

Great find miat1974! This deal has been featured over at ]Playpennies!


For anyone looking at some of the above items they are a better price on offer @ Tesco direct with free delivery to store. The Electric steriliser is £19.99, the microwave steriliser is £8.99, the manual breast pump is £12.49, the electric breast pump is £39.94,the travel flask is £4.99, the bottle and food warmer is half price @ £9.99 but from what I can see the suresound ultimate monitor is a good buy at Tommee Tippee @ £82.49 compared to elsewhere, hope that saves someone a few £

Free Tommee Tippee Baby Bottle
Posted 16th Jun 2009Posted 16th Jun 2009
Free Tommee Tippee Baby Bottle
Free Tommee Tippee Baby Bottle Tommee Tippee closer to nature Baby Bottle. Taken from an offer printed in 'I'm pregnant' magazine. Call 09061 505 454 to request one. Taken from a… Read more
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not worth it its a prenium rate number gonna cost a bomb


Just looked on my bill, I got charged £3.31 (ex vat) for that phone call! I saw the offer on a free email thingy I get, and it said it would cost about £1.50, I'm really upset it cost so much as I could have bought it from the shop at a similar price.


thanks :roll:


The phone number - "09061" will mean your really paying for it, wont it? Rick

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Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Easivent 260ml Bottles x 3 £4.89
Posted 5th Mar 2009Posted 5th Mar 2009
Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Easivent 260ml Bottles x 3 £4.89
Pack of 3 Tommee Tippee Closer to nature easivent 260ml bottles in Tesco £4.99 normally £7.99 Great bottles, great bargain! available online as well as instore

it was on in both horley and crawley so assume yes it's all branches


anyone know if the offer is in-store too?

Nappy Wrapper Tub was £29.99 now £9.99 @ Tommee Tipee
Posted 3rd Feb 2009Posted 3rd Feb 2009
Nappy Wrapper Tub was £29.99 now £9.99 @ Tommee Tipee
This is an excellent piece of kit, if you are parent with children under 3. I bought this one about an year back for £38.99 with starter pack, but even the tub on its own is a barg… Read more

I've voted hot because this is a good price for the item. However we use cloth nappies so wont be buying one myself, but if someone I know is looking for one then thanks to the OP I can point them in a cheaper direction


fantastic! :-D:-D ...... fellow muppet :-D


Kirsty I think we just have to admit that because we won't pay £35-£70 a year to dispose of our childrens' nappies we are muppets who like the smell of our kids' poo. A product which is a bin with a long tube of expensive nappy sack material inside is invaluable to those of us who use disposable nappies because it enables us not to use nappy sacks but to physically push a filthy nappy into a small hole and then carry a long string of nappies to the bin all at once. It is very different is so many respects to a bin with a lid full of nappies in nappy sacks. The other members of the British public whose lack of interest in this product have caused it to be given away free to the parents of ever child in bounty packs are also muppets who are too stupid to see the value of it. Not forgetting the good people of HUKD who have also voted this offer COLD. We must learn to accept that this forum is not to share knowledge about products and offers so that we can benefit from each others' consumer experiences, it is to insult people who don't share our opinions and cry when our deal is voted cold. Have some rep and take your silly and unbelievable reasons elsewhere you muppet :p


OH MY GOD GROW UP!!!! I have used the poxy product and I didn't like it, why is that soooo hard for you to accept??!! I'm not saying anything about you or offending you??! You are very strange to let other peoples opinions about such a trivial thing effect you so much. oh and -88 must say something too?? -97 now! oh and I notice on your previous post on the thread about those biscuits that you voted a deal cold because there wasn't a store near you?... very grown up


Its not about voting cold or the product being bad, there are people out there who just want to prove their point, no matter they have used that product or not, they just don't like that product for some reason. and the reasons they are quoting are silly and unbelivable. so naturally they've been given names in this case... Muppets...sorry we can't help it.

tommy tippee closer to nature bottles and steraliser
Posted 17th Jan 2009Posted 17th Jan 2009
tommy tippee closer to nature bottles and steraliser
home bargains had great offer on these tommy tippee bottles small bottles at 1.99 for two and large ones at 1.49 microwave steraliser for8.99 i saw these in mothercare at very hig… Read more
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oops they did have a tommy tippeee steraliser, however wasnt the closer to nature steraliser like it says in your title, they do have the bottles though, to think i went all the way there to get the closer to nature steraliser and it wasnt even the steraliser you said it was. voting cold


That is a pretty good price for these.


I got some of these too. They are 150ml bottles.

Tommee Tippee SureSound® Ultimate Monitor RRP £110 for £64.59 inc del, with code!!!!
Posted 16th Jan 2009Posted 16th Jan 2009
Tommee Tippee SureSound® Ultimate Monitor RRP £110 for £64.59 inc del, with code!!!!
Been looking around for a decent monitor for ages, and this has had great reviews. It's £110 in Mothercare! For complete peace of mind, this monitors sound, room temperature and m… Read more
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Argos sell one of these (or used to- don't know if it's in the new catalogue). It's Tomme Tipee but it's one monitor and a sensor pad. Think it's about £50. I think they're great. They're the only monitors we've ever used.


Seems a great deal, but have twins so, it would mean two, have to stick with my normal alexander greame bell type.


Babies more alot even if asleep, there have been one or two occasions where the sensor has gone off but my daughter has been fine. I think it must measure breathing but i'm not sure. Sometimes i have taken my daughter out of her cot to feed her and after 20 seconds the sensor has gone off as being half asleep i forget to switch it off :oops:


does the mat actually sense the baby breathing or actual body movement....cus what if the baby is sound asleep and doesnt move?..20seconds its quite short


The mat is really good though, so reassuring with a newborn :thumbsup:

Tommee Tippee Electric Steriliser £15 PLUS 25% off first order!!
Posted 2nd Jan 2009Posted 2nd Jan 2009
Tommee Tippee Electric Steriliser £15 PLUS 25% off first order!!
Hi!! On the Tommee Tippee website their electric steriliser is £15.00, delivery on top BUT on your first order when you register you get a code on the registration e-mail for ano… Read more

Really good find and price. We have the Closer to Nature® Microwave Steam and Cold Water Steriliser as not all of our little one's things can be microwave sterilised. See: Thanks for the code though. Gonna see if there's anything else on there that might be useful. :thumbsup:


Don't think its been posted specifically for the steriliser, but there is a 25% off code here: As you can see from the most recent poster you can use the first code for 25% off and keep the second one for a later order. Thanks for the heads up on the steriliser!


thanks tressls. using the code i saved £4.10 and paid only £14.15, it comes with a starter kit including two Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature easi-vent bottles, a bottle brush and a pair of teat tongs. all the thanks to you.

Nappy Wrapper?Starter Kit  £32.90 delivered
Posted 29th Mar 2008Posted 29th Mar 2008
Nappy Wrapper?Starter Kit £32.90 delivered
Babies need nappies, and nappies need The Nappy Wrapper. Tommee Tippee's NEW Nappy Wrapper?Starter Kit, contains our award winning Nappy Wrapper plus 5 x newborn refill cassettes… Read more

I had one of these when my daughter was born because the smell of standard nappy bags used to make me ill and they were great then because they had no odour and the nappies were sealed. Having had stitches and being rather uncomfortable it made life much easier because my other half had to go back to work after about 3 days and it saved traipsing outside with a new baby and a smelly nappy umpteen times a day! However by the time my son was born they had made the refills scented (the same horrible smell as nappy bags) so it kind of took away the whole point of me having it. It was at this point I sold it and started using carrier bags - and had lots of trips to the bin!!!


I should point out that standard nappy bags aren't intended to be used with this. The bin actually wraps and seals the fefill bags (keeping odours contained) and the bin is emptied once full. The refills are actualy quite expensive, so normally the bins are given away cheeply with costs being recouperated on refill purchases. We just use a plastig bag in the bin ourselves though, we cant afford the refills.


true. whats wrong with just putting it in a nappy bag and putting it in the bin? It takes 10 seconds,plus i wouldnt want dirty nappys hanging round the house anyway. waste of money in my opinion. sorry


tesco/asda bags are free


The voucher in the Bounty packs (given to new mums) is for a FREE Angelcare nappy wrapper (item no 376/1913) worth £24.99 @ Argos & also gives you £1 off your first pack of 3 refill 'cassettes' which they sell @ £10.99 normally (item no 376/1920) so in effect you pay a tenner for the wrapper & 3 cassettes.

tommee tippee half price products at morrisons
Posted 2nd Aug 2007Posted 2nd Aug 2007
tommee tippee half price products at morrisons
Hi, this is my first deal, so hope I get it right. Just been to Morrisons in Bristol and brought a pack of 3 tommee tippee Closer to nature bottles for 3.99 instead of 7.99, also… Read more
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Went to Morrisons @ Cribbs causeway in Bristol this morning, but none of the Tommee Tippee are on half price sale. I guess this might be just a local sale in your area. :thinking:


Also check out Boots, picked up a load of no.2 flow teats for £1.25 for 2 and a pack of breast pads for £1.99, did'nt look at the other stuff as I did'nt need anything else.


welcome to UKHD.


These are great in the office - no more coffee in the keyboard. Hot deal.


Good find!! Voted hot !!!:-D

Tommee Tippee Electronic Steriliser £15
Posted 30th Nov 2006Posted 30th Nov 2006
Tommee Tippee Electronic Steriliser £15
On the Tommee Tippee website they have a end of the line clearance sale on including: - Electronic Steriliser £15… Read more
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Thanks for the feedback jbp too ;-)


Welcome to HotUKDeals fleetingmind and Thanks for your very helpful first post :)


Don't know whether you have used them but we've used Kiddicare for most of our baby stuff as they are cheap and service is good - plus you can go via Quidco.


Thanks emmajk42. Been looking on here for a bit but never had any decent offer's to share. Costs of new babies is ALLOT (wife picks it I pay for it) so this is a very good deal I think.


Thanks for your first ever post fleetingmind :) Welcome to HotUKDeals! P.S> I'll add a pic to the post ^^^

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