Tommy Zoom [DVD] £2.98 at Amazon

Tommy Zoom [DVD] £2.98 at Amazon

Found 13th Feb 2010
Tommy Zoom [DVD] £2.98 at Amazon

Episodes include 'Water Water', 'Bugs Caged', 'Supergranulator', 'I don't Want A Shower', 'Food Fight', 'Monster Mega Mucky Trucky', 'Paper', 'The Mark Of Polluto', 'Imagination' and 'Doggytron'.

Tommy Zoom is a children's television series, mixing live action and animation, thats shown regularly on CBeebies. Tommy Zoom started out as a superhero (with an environmentally friendly message) on the CBeebies website, but he proved so popular it was made into the television show.
In the show, Tommy is a six-year-old boy with a devoted sidekick dog called Daniel (this is all live action). Hes also a child superhero complete with cape and large Z on his chest. In every episode, Tommy and Daniel encounter a dilemma that has to be resolved.

At the moment of crisis, Tommy's imagination transports him "in a zoom" from the real world into an animated one where he and Daniel are confronted by their nemeses Polluto (purple imp) and Smogg the Mog (lazy black cat) who are on a mission to ruin the world.

The animated storylines always reflect Tommy's real-life dilemma. His victories over Polluto give him a way to solve his real-life conundrum. Using action and comedy to drive them, each episode explores social, environmental or behavioural issues in highly entertaining and inspiring ways for children.

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