TomTom +2 Years Free Map Update Service (worth £69.95) Promo Code

TomTom +2 Years Free Map Update Service (worth £69.95) Promo Code

Found 9th Mar 2009
Was in Comet on Friday evening and I picked up a card from the TomTom stand.

The card says:

+2 Years Free Map Update Service (worth £69.95)

I tried over the weekend on my GO 730T, which I brought Sept 08. The code allowed me to upgrade to the 8.15 2GB Euro Map (upgraded from 8.10). There is a newer map (8.25) not sure why I wasn't given this update.

Anyway now when I click on the option from TT Home to add maps, the window that says "Do you want to join the Map Update Service" is no longer displayed. I'm guessing this has worked but worst case I got a free map update out of it!

Note this only works on the GO models. The Comet I went to was in Greenwich.

I've still got the card, if someone lets me know how to attach images I'll post it up.
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prob a one use only code...

if its random letters/numbers then it is.

if its "tomtomfreemap" or something like that then it would be generic.
Great find
You normally have to buy a Tomtom to get this promotion, did you buy one or just pick up a card?
I just picked it up. In the TomTom section in Comet (Greenwich), there is a stack of them sitting by the display unit.

Brought my TT end of Sept08. The T&C says: Only vaild on GO products brought before and including the 30th Arpil 2009.

The code is a one off as I tried to use it again.
can anyone please pick one leaftlet and send me the code. I went to my local comet and count'd find anything!

Hot find, will have a look in my local tomorrow. heat added
This is a brilliant freebie! I will have a look tomorrow.

If anyone manages to pick up more than one, please could you pm me. I would be very grateful for this code!

Been to comet... Spoke to the sales rep regarding this... he showed me the leaflet in question, (which where in the cabinet)

They are meant to give you this leaflet when you purchase a TOMTOM to ensure you get the latest maps with your NEW device..

Looks like they have left them out by mistake!

Well Done!
If anyone could pick me one up and let me know the code, I would be very greatful. thanks
can i beg too :thumbsup:
Me also please, if anyone manages to get their hands on a spare!

Thanks in advance!
Me too if possbile none in mine just checked
take it this should expire as its not a deal?

take it this should expire as its not a deal?

Sounds like borderline shoplifting to me!

"Hey, I went down Comet and there was a 50inch Panasonic Viera Plasma TV on the display, I picked one up and took it home and I'm sitting here right now watching Law & Order:UK on it. Bargain."

Well done OP, sounds like the daft lot in Comet stuck these with the leaflets by mistake.
spot on with this just been to blackpool comet and picked up a leaflet they were on top of the cabinet with tomtoms in cracking deal now got updated maps
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