TOMTOM 510 SAT/NAV With RDS Receiver- £215.28

TOMTOM 510 SAT/NAV With RDS Receiver- £215.28

Found 29th Dec 2006

Been lurking for a couple of weeks now and was pleased to get the TOMTOM 510 with rds from currys for 215.28 no longer available but PC world have matched it with the 10% code (satnav10off) and if you use quidco it's even better with a further 6% off


Thanks for this and Welcome to HotUKDeals pingu69 ;-)

Thanks from me too pingu69. I've added the price to the thread title as well

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Thanks for the welcome guys great forum I'm becoming a online shopaholic I've also edit the thread emmajk42 to include the RDS

Bought one of these 510's in may 2006 and got rid of it 4 months later paid £349.99...:x

Hated everything about it how Bulky it was, the dynamic routing algorithms left a lot to be desired and the damn thing wouldn't dock onto its mount in the car, you had to be an Orangutang to get the damn thing off and on..

I set it up various ways and no matter how it just wasn't right and had nothing but problems with it..The Bluetooth was never right either and I couldn't access my Mobiles contact list which was a proverbial pain in the Bum..

I think the *10 series of tomtoms were lemons as they all seem to be massively discounted now by hundreds of pounds..Saw a 910 the other day which retailed 6 months ago at £500 for £289.99...

Just Got myself a brand new Tomtom one v2 at under half the price of the 510 series and it is a different animal its small fits in your hand is light and the routing algorithms have been sorted out, the docking mount is fantastic...And it got me out of a fix the other day when there was an accident and the road was closed it routed me down some lanes and back onto my main route which was fantastic....:thumbsup:

Now why couldn't the 510 have done that...:x

In the 510's defence the only problem I've found is with the routing. The algorithms are not the best but they do take you more or less on the route you'd expect. You can take command on how it takes routes by forcing it to use specific roads via map browsing or using the "crossing" icon where you can enter specific road names like M25/M3. I've also used a different make of Sat Nav and I can't say that was any better either.

Lastly all the mount troubles have been corrected now although for best postioning I find you need to leave the unit docked prior to windscreen fixing which requires you still to be a bit of a contortionist. However it looks very neat and tidy mounted unit that does not take up loads of windscreen space unlike some other fixing brackets.

Now showing £299 without using the 10% code....Was going to order this now i've been paid.......Never mind



Now showing £299 without using the 10% code....Was going to order this … Now showing £299 without using the 10% code....Was going to order this now i've been paid.......Never mindBomberman

Still available here ]GPS cheap. Does not come with the RDS reciever but does come with some freebies

Alternatively you can have my barely used 510 (about 6 times..... a few months old) for £230 ;-)


The icing on the cake for me was the traffic updates.....i've also checked Dixons site with the codes from elsewhere and the price has also returned to £299 without code with code £279... "390388TOM"

Cheers anyway....

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