TomTom Go 50 @  Tesco Hemel Hempstead - £34.75

TomTom Go 50 @ Tesco Hemel Hempstead - £34.75

LocalFound 1st Apr 2016
TomTom Go 50 with traffic updates. Was £139.00 reduced to clear now £34.75. Spotted in Tesco Hemel Hempstead and there was 4 on the shelf. Presume in store only as it still looks full price online. Hope this helps somebody.
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barcode plz?
Why is it always at the other end of the country ?
found it.
it's £139 in my store
Mine too.
I've had enough of this injustice. My Pitchfork app. is set to 'Miffed' & I'm ready to attack any store that doesn't comply with my demands. Who is joining me? I reckon half a million of us should do it.
All gone
i am getting so peed off with these Tesco extinct goose chases. Tesco are officially playing the HUKD game. Several stores priced at 139!!!
tesco store deals do my head in. Yes it great if it helps someone but one store selling a couple of these is not a deal for me..... hope someone gets a good deal though
Didn't think anyone read Tesco 'deals' any more!

Why am I here?????????????
managers in Tesco do have HUKD on their phones, when a product is reduced they know exactly that many people will drive to their store and look for it to no vail and they will end up shopping there for other stuff, so it's a win win for Tesco, having said that it's a pure luck if the store near you have the offer
all Tesco deal posts should be banned .... because theyre always 1 or 2 stores with no stock of the 1 item the poster has bought !!!!
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