TomTom GO 6200 with WiFi - Lifetime World Maps, Traffic, Handsfree - SIM and Data Included £288.99 Amazon

TomTom GO 6200 with WiFi - Lifetime World Maps, Traffic, Handsfree - SIM and Data Included £288.99 Amazon

£288.99Amazon Deals
Found 17th Nov 2016
I know this is an expensive unit but it's the Rolls Royce edition and its £50 cheaper then anywhere else I can find...

The most powerful TomTom GO we’ve built yet can learn your driving habits and save you time in the car by intelligently predicting destinations.
Smarter than ever, the latest TomTom GO integrates seamlessly with your phone. It can read out your text messages and enable full use of your personal assistant with your phone in your pocket.
UPDATES VIA WIFIDon't miss out on any road changes or new features again. Get the latest maps and software for your TomTom GO via built-in Wi-Fi.
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Heat for the price but personally I'd prefer to pay the extra on a fully integrated pioneer unit.
Save yourself £289 and download waze on your smartphone
Too expensive - my butler can buy a map.
Well, I was with TomTom satnav units for about 10 years... But after my last one (TomTom Go500) became unreliable I was looking for a replacement. And I realised, that for the price of this unit I can get over 24 years of TomTom app subscription!!! (Currently £35/3 years) - I don't think this little device would last that long. And the app you can always take with you on your phone, any phone... If you uprgrade, it comes with you! Obviously the bigger screen phone you have the better (using my Note 4), but I think you can use it on virtualy any smartphone device. Just be prepared to have a hi-amps car charger connected, it eats the battery REALLY quickly! (_;) Not voting either, as the price might be OK for someone looking for such thing, but as an advice from a user - go for the app!
Voted hot. I wouldn't buy it, but that doesn't stop it being a deal.
Not voting one way or the other on this - my only comment is that anyone purchasing because of the traffic information function should be aware that in my experience it's unreliable. Tom Tom's level of service is incredibly poor. The traffic function is often down for extended periods & Tom Tom make no effort to either tell their customers/subscribers or compensate them. The service seems to fail at peak times ie when you most need it vis-a-vis it was absent for 10days over the Easter Holiday period failed on August Bank Holiday etc.
I use my phone but I can still see the benefits of this. When the wife decides she's too hot and switches the air con to face and feet. Moments later, halfway to Switzerland the S4 overheats and crashes.
At least once the air con went back to the screen it worked again, a friend's G3 chip desoldered from the motherboard and turned off permanently.
Never had an issue like that with my Navigo.
Google navigation works much better on my phone. No need to update maps and gets traffic information automatically.
Google maps / Waze is free. Just can't see dropping almost £300 on a dedicated GPS device has any benefit. Please try and convince me otherwise. I love on Google maps it shows you alternative routes as you drive and gives live time differences between them. I've found so many different ways to my usual places. Does TT do this now?
Got the 610 and live traffic works ok for me, get me out Manchester to Leeds in a hr on a night, re routes as you go, takes me 2.5 hrs going the other way on a morning.
Mines linked by Bluetooth, took this option instead of the sim card in case they pulled the sim service but the mydrive works ok.
Don't forget you can
Claim a TomTom curfer at no additional cost when you buy this sat nav - £50+
I used to use mobile satnav exclusively. But I find a dedicated satnav easier to use. Invariably in an unfamiliar area, I find an important call comes through killing the map and navigation.

I still use Google maps and it's great for occasional usage. But driving thousands of miles a year makes a dedicated unit worth the investment.

It's all about what suits your needs. I'm on a Garmin unit at the moment, but miss the intuitive UI tomtom has.
Now is for £297,71
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