TomTom Go 910 Reburb - UK, Europe, USA, Canada Maps £114.99 Delivered @ TotalPDA!!!

TomTom Go 910 Reburb - UK, Europe, USA, Canada Maps £114.99 Delivered @ TotalPDA!!!

Found 23rd Dec 2009
Latest maps of UK, Europe, USA & Canada*(Q3 09)
Bluetooth handsfree calling
20GB HDD plus mp3 player
FREE protective carry case
12 month TomTom warranty

Enter Code: SDFD for free delivery

Was previously £137.99 at TotalPDA.
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The TomTom GO 910 features the latest up-to-date maps by Teleatlas

As said before, Garmin's Navteq maps are more accurate. Given the choice I'd go for the Garmin 255 from Dell listed earlier today.…ell

BTW, During 2009 I've reported several road changed to Teleatlas and Navteq and although both companies have made those changes on their maps TomTom is slow in updating their own release. TomTom Q3 2009 do not contain my reported changes but Garmin does include them (Garmin is using Navteq, not Teleatlas). Even with the "latest map guarantee" from TomTom you don't actually get the latest maps from Teleatlas.
Must be the cheapest way to get US and EU maps legally (Garmin Nuvi 270 & 275 offer this but for more money). Hot.
good find - got a tomtom from them in january - absolutely fine - never know it was a refurb.
for this price with latest maps for europe and north america it's cracking value!
have some h and r! happy christmas!
Don't forget quidco - possible 4.5%, mine tracked at £4.49 so total price for me was £110.50

Good Deal as we are going to the states in May and need the maps (hire car company charge £90 for 2 weeks use of a sat nav - madness), the USA maps are currently £35 plus my tomtom one V1 is over 5 years old and the maps are old and need updating - UK maps £30, It also has the map of France and a new map is £30. So new maps will cost me £95 and that's the sale price. I will sell my old one on Ebay hope to get £50+

I found this deal through [url][/url] . lots more listed
This never has a 20 GB HDD for MP3 Playback?!?! Does it???

price increased to new vat rate £117.49
Hi I got mine last week. its a very good unit. it only plays mp3 format, no wma, mp4 etc.

It is a heavy unit, but has the built in 20gb hard drive. enough to hold loads of maps.

Also game in a tomtom box, best refurb item I have had. Also the bluetooth is great with my nokia 5800.
I was looking for a Sat Nav with US maps - noticed this thread.. I see the price is now @ £89.99…tml

does anyone know where I can find one simular cheaper than this?

If you are buying this because you want the USA maps, you might consider waiting until you get to the USA and buying one there.

Go to the nearest Walmart and you can pick up a new TomTom 330 (which obviously includes the USA and Canada maps) for $119 (£75 approx), and you are away. I'm off to Florida in August and rather than renting one with the car hire, or paying TomTom £65 (how much!) to add USA maps to our 530, I'm going to do this.

Note I also already have an old 910 and not only is it a big lump, it has a tendancy to crash quite a lot and won't come back to life unless it's connected to a PC (the reset button does nothing.) and it's already been back to TomTom for repair when the battery wouldn't charge when it was a couple of months old. So I wouldn't buy another one refurbished or otherwise.
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