TomTom - Latest Maps Up To 40% Off
TomTom - Latest Maps Up To 40% Off

TomTom - Latest Maps Up To 40% Off

Just had an email this morning telling me that they have a promotion on which ends on the 3rd August, some maps are up to 40% off.

Since I had a 3 year old TomTom I thought I would take the offer up.

I managed to get the United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland v8.30 for £23.95 instead of the normal £39.95.


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To be totally honest, these map updates are a waste of money for the majority of people. There really isn't that many new roads being built to necessitate spending money on updates.

I am still waiting for road changes made 6 years ago to be included.

Don't waste your money on new maps.

Check with Google Maps first before you buy, as these are the same maps that TomTom use.

I keep thinking about doing a map update, I think if you do you get the updates other people add to it in the future. The trouble is everytime I think about it I end up looking at a new Tom Tom instead. lol

the mapshare feature is 1000x better. I mentioned tons of stuff to atlas people and they still aint updated it

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the mapshare feature is 1000x better. I mentioned tons of stuff to atlas … the mapshare feature is 1000x better. I mentioned tons of stuff to atlas people and they still aint updated it

Yep, if you upgrade to the newest Map on TomTom you get the community map update facility, when I upgraded my map there were over 4000 updates for the Map Share Option which was not supported by my previous Map pack.

Map Share Option?

I use tomtom and I have the updates...and I travel alot...its excellent investment...only if you travel alot...especially in the summer holidays.

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Map Share Option?


TomTom announces five millionth Map Share™ improvement report

~ Community participation in TomTom’s proprietary map improvement technology grows 1,000% in less than a year ~

16 December 2008 - TomTom, the world’s leading navigation solutions provider, today announces that members of the TomTom Map Share community have made a total of five million map updates worldwide. This milestone is the result of the rapid adoption of TomTom’s proprietary technology by the TomTom Map Share community, which has grown from half a million users at the beginning of 2008 to more than five million users today.

TomTom is able to deliver the most up-to-date maps in a changing world by enlisting the help of its users worldwide. Map Share allows TomTom customers to make improvements to their map instantly on their TomTom navigation device. Once verified by TomTom moderators, these updates are made available to the entire Map Share community, ensuring TomTom customers always have access to the most up-to-date maps.

“From the beginning, we envisioned Map Share as a tool to help drivers contend with the frustration of unexpected road changes, and to be used between map updates,” said Corinne Vigreux, managing director, TomTom. “To put this five million milestone in perspective, a one-hour trip made anywhere in Europe or North America will be influenced by twenty to thirty Map Share corrections.

“The success of Map Share is also due to the fact that the improvements made are those that customers really care about, and that the community has taken the time to report and share these corrections.”

The significance of this milestone is also reinforced by comparing the number of Map Share updates with the 15,000 reports received by Tele Atlas per month from users of its online map reporting system, Map Insight.

Map Share facts:

• hundreds of thousands of street names have been added
• almost one million roads that were incorrectly blocked (or open) are now included or excluded from TomTom routes
• Map Share users in the UK, US and Germany make the most improvements

Steven New, a delivery driver from Northumberland, is the most regular and active user of TomTom Map Share in the UK. He commented: “With roads constantly changing, Map Share has become invaluable to my driving for work, which involves around 700 miles per week. It has helped to improve the efficiency of my hectic delivery schedule considerably. Where a road name or speed limit has changed, for example, I am able to correct this immediately and benefit from it during my daily and weekly routine. I’m also able to download the thousands of improvements made by other users, and share my Map Share changes with the rest of the TomTom community, so I am also helping other TomTom customers.”

TomTom’s complete map package, which includes high quality maps pre-installed on all products, TomTom’s latest map guarantee, the TomTom Map Update Service™ and Map Share, allows TomTom to provide customers with the most up-to-date and reliable maps in the industry.

Map Share corrections are available to TomTom customers via TomTom HOME software, which comes as standard with all TomTom devices.



I get 100% off from ipmart

These deals started off at 25% to to 30% off then 40% off, keep getting emails. When I check what updates my TT920 needs via TT Home, it suggests one map at £39.99 then quarterly ones for the year totalling around £79! in the end. Very unclear.

We tend to use it in USA & Canada and it works better there than in UK TBH (finds the Sattalites the second we get out the airports and turn it on. In uk can take up to 15 mins, even though I update daily. Also worked better than the Maps on Iphone in US that our friend was using as a comparison.

I tend to stick to Map Share and also add my changes to it too. :). £80 appx is a lot to pay even with the "including the upto 40% off".

Charlie Brown

These deals tend to surface when they're about to release new maps.
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