TomTom LIVE Services 12 Months Pre Paid Subscription Card - £56.07 delivered @ Amazon !

TomTom LIVE Services 12 Months Pre Paid Subscription Card - £56.07 delivered @ Amazon !

Found 6th Jan 2010
Being monitoring this price for a while. TomTom have it for £79.99 on offer in theory. But Amazon have just dropped the price to £56.07 delivered with Super Saver and in Stock. Which is only slightly more than the RRP for 6 Months.

Supplied by Amazon.


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Many Thx, Edi & Andy, will have a read of links.

First post of a deal so can only get better.


56 quid EVERY year just for this?! That's insane. Most smart phones will do all this for free! Just don't understand it tbh.....maybe it's TT taking advantage because people *think* they make the best sat navs??.... But Im not voting as if it's a good price for this item then fair enough, but I just don't get it.

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Would agree TBH, that is if you have a Smartphone. Tried other Sat Navs but always favoured TT.

Was surprised to find that the Live Models are in effect a Mobile Data device have inbuilt SIM Card etc. so the big advantage being you don't have all the issues of pairing a Phone with Data Access to the unit.

Pricing I feel is well OTT with TT wanting £7.99/Mth or £79.99/Year only previously seen this at other suppliers for £70/£71 so well pleased with Amazon's price.

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Now £54.99 to include shipping from Celstores via Amazon. Never heard of or used Celstores before so can't comment on them. Although from the Amazon feedback system they have scored 4.8 out of 5 from 1,375 lots of feedback over the last 12 months.
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