TomTom maps SALE up to 50% off until 31st January
TomTom maps SALE up to 50% off until 31st January

TomTom maps SALE up to 50% off until 31st January

**Cheaper than Amazon!**

The new maps of Western & Central Europe now have more than 190 000 additional kilometres of road! More than 3 000 extra Points of Interest were added to the UK Map alone, while the Eastern European Map has had an estimated additional 100 000 kilometres of new road added.
With your new map, you will also enjoy 12 months TomTom Map Share that allows you to receive map enhancements from the entire Map Share community.

With such enriched content, get ready for tomorrow and buy a new map today with the introduction offer of up to 50% discount. Map of Western Europe was £69.95 now available at £39.95.

The countries you need: European and North American territories plus Australia, South Africa, Singapore and Hong-Kong.

Select only maps you need: Individual countries (e.g. France), specific regions (e.g. Alps) or entire continents (e.g. Europe);

Your preferred format: Available on SD memory card, or downloaded to your computer for immediate use;

Details: All maps have street level detail for door-to-door navigation;

Easy-to-manage: Its easy to install, swap and shop for more maps at TomTom HOME;

Smart extras: Millions of points of interest and compatible with all TomTom services. For selected TomTom models they also offer voice-to- speech capability and much, much more.

Please note:

In order to successfully download a new map, please ensure that you accept the free upgrade to TomTom HOME 2.1 and update the software on your device when prompted.
These maps can only be used if you already own TomTom products;
If you want to download a map to your computer straight away, TomTom recommends using a broadband connection;
Depending on the map you purchase, additional memory (e.g. an empty SD card) might be needed.


Bought a Tom Tom Go300 when they first came out it works ok some times a little slow but its cheaper to get one of the other makes on the market these days than pay extortionate prices for up dates at the price I paid it should come with free up dates

can the voucher included in the current ebuyer TomTom One V3 offer be used towards new maps? There's a "Activate your TomTom promotion" box on the TomTom homepage but it isn't clear what this can be used for. There isn't an 'apply voucher' option when checking out either.
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