TomTom One GB GPS - £141.78 delivered !
TomTom One GB GPS - £141.78 delivered !

TomTom One GB GPS - £141.78 delivered !

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TomTom One GB GPS - £141.78 delivered @ TheLink.com

Also available for the same price at Amazon (thanks Ray !) but with Link there is an additional 2.5% cashback via Quidco.

Features : Pre-installed Maps Of GB | Free safety camera updates | Touchscreen Operation | Postcode Navigation | Turn-by-Turn Voice Guidance | Crystal-clear 3D Graphics | Plug and Play Functionality | Built-in Bluetooth Connection | Built-in Speaker | SiRFStarIII Chipset


Nice find edi Thanks!

You two going head to head eh...:giggle:

Nice find Edi.....:thumbsup:

Use code GPS4 to get 5% off
making it £135.28 delivered

Even better.....good spot...Edi and Rayman your sacked..:thumbsup:


141 + 5% off is 135 ish
3.2 quidco means around 131 overall

bargain !


Use code GPS4 to get 5% offmaking it £135.28 delivered

This code doesn't work for me :-(


What's the difference between ]TomTom ONE Great Britain GPS £141.78 and … What's the difference between ]TomTom ONE Great Britain GPS £141.78 and ]TomTom One - UK GPS Navigation System £189.20

the expensive one is the old model .....


no really, it is ! Beats me

does the Tom Tom one Great Britain GPS have the bluetooth and speaker so that you can use your phone on it????

I just tried purchasing it for £135.28 with the code GPS4 like DAMNOME said and it doesnt work!!!!

Was getting all excited that I get it cheaper as well! *SIGH*

Original Poster


You two going head to head eh...:giggle:

LOL... we are not :friends:

Did try GPS4 before posting, although accepted, didnt give any discount

You right - code no longer working
Sorry folks
- here is where I saw it though xxxxxxx

Is this the V2 model?


Is this the V2 model?

Yes :thumbsup:

Does anyone know the difference between a tomtom one V2 and one that's not V2?

Yes its called a V1...:giggle:

The V2 replaced it...


Yes its called a V1...:giggle:The V2 replaced it...

Yee Haa
Thanks for that! :giggle:

Bt it looks different - the case is silver and slimmer looking as opposed to black and chunky. Are there any other differences?

Yes the V1 is larger in all dimensions and is heavier, it also has outdated maps and os which can be updated though to the newer versions but you will get charged for the newer mapping, and the processor in the older V1 is slightly faster but thats because it used the older algorithyms, the newer model V2 calculates the routes far faster even though it has a slightly slower processor...

Battery life is about the same 2-3 hours on average...

Also the V2 charges from the usb port on your computer whereas the V1 does not, also both connect to your phone via bluetooth so you can access travel information over your mobile phone network..

Think that covers it.....Hope that helps..:thumbsup:

anyone know how this compares to the TomTom 510? I know the TomTom510 has bluetooth handsfree dialling - but overall is this the better deal?

Yes the V2 is the far better device...

I owned a 510 when they launched back in August 2005 and it was abysmal, the routing algorythms were terrible and the thing constantly turned itself off when it felt like it, It was to damn big aswell wouldn't even fit in my jacket pocket so I grew to hate the thing and got rid and took it back and got my money back...

The new Tomtom one V2 is a far better animal than the 510 its algorythms have been sorted and is small and light and easy to put in a pocket, Its also able to use Teleatlas and Navteq mapping which has got to be good...:thumbsup:

Thanks for the informed opinion Crazylegs, it's very much appreciated!

We'd ordered the 510 from Dixon's a few days ago (changed from the TomTom one v2 last minute) - and it arrived yesterday - just too late to cancel the order. Things I don't like about it are the fact it needs the dock to charge, and yes, it is quite chunky. Really nice display though - but really wish we'd stuck with the TomTom One!

I wouldn't trust Auto express to give an informed opinion on satnavs, they can't even get car reviews right...

They give the Acer 5 stars and that uses the terrible Co-pilot 6 mapping..:giggle:

The Shinco unit they gave 5 stars and that review said,

the Screen can get busy and sound is a bit low. POI gave full details … the Screen can get busy and sound is a bit low. POI gave full details with option to view, although it got only two of our postcodes.

...Only 2 postcodes and they gave it 5 stars...Laughable....:oops:

The Tomtom one V2 got only 4 stars and they said

Easy to use, it has extra mapping and got our roundabout and postcode … Easy to use, it has extra mapping and got our roundabout and postcode tests right. The on-screen data is selectable and the junction zooms helpful. POI count was among the best. Still the one to have if you don’t need Bluetooth.

You gotta love em...:roll:


Having got lost around Luton yesteday I decided to get a unit ASAP. Just placed an order and collected from Currys £141.78. Very happy so far all updates collected and installed without a glitch.

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