Tomtom Runner 3 large GPS + cardio + music + bluetooth headphones £170.58 @ Sweatband

Tomtom Runner 3 large GPS + cardio + music + bluetooth headphones £170.58 @ Sweatband

Found 25th Nov 2016
Latest version, good spec as per link, retails at £220.00 on the Tomtom website. Currys have the Tomtom Spark 3 equivalent at £249.00.

Showing at £188.00 on, then £10.00 off with link;…457

I then got £7.42 back with TCB, so total price £170.58

I ordered it Wednesday morning before lunch and it arrived the following afternoon, not bad for free delivery!!

I haven't used it yet as it's my Christmas present to myself but returns policy looks fine.
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Not a bad price at all and added bonus of not having to carry phone/ MP3 player with you. Wonder what headphone quality is like though?

£150 on Amazon … £150 on Amazon

That one doesn't have the heart rate monitor, that's;
This one
which is £250
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Realised that in my haste and then deleted. Good find. Been looking at fitbits and bluetooth earphones recently, this would be a good all in one package.

Do TomTom have apps like FitBit to monitor and track readings/ stats?
It's got its own app apparently, the built in music storage is a huge bonus as it means you don't have to find somewhere to strap your phone to, I've picked one up for that very reason. It's also supposed to have the best wrist based heart rate sensor out there (which isn't saying a huge amount, but *shrug*)
The one I've linked has the wrist based heart monitor, the same model as the Amazon one but is £80 pounds cheaper after discount and cash back!!
Be really careful. They have none in stock.
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