Tomtom Spark 3 Cardio £139.99 Currys

Tomtom Spark 3 Cardio £139.99 Currys

Found 7th Jun 2017
- A heart rate monitor on your wrist helps you focus and limit your workouts

- 24/7 activity tracking lets you monitor your progress at all times

- Set regular targets to challenge yourself and improve your fitness

- Improve your performance no matter which sports and activities you do

- Real-time information helps you train smarter

A heart rate monitor on your wrist

Providing an on-person heart rate monitor, the Spark 3 Cardio lets you see and understand how your body is responding to exercise. This accurate information lets you adapt your training routines to achieve goals faster and more effectively.

24/7 activity tracking

See how much and how well you're exercising at any time with the TomTom Spark 3. It gives you 24/7 activity tracking so you can monitor your heart rate, steps, active minutes, calories burnt and quality of sleep. Maintain a healthier, more active lifestyle with detailed information to motivate you.

Set regular targets

Set goals each day or week to steadily improve your fitness and expand your activity range. The Spark 3 Cardio offers a default goal of 10,000 steps per day, and can be customised to fit the personal milestones you want to achieve.

Improve your performance

Spark 3 isn't limited to one activity – use Multi-sport mode to view your stats for running, gym workouts, indoor cycling, swimming, treadmill work and freestyle training. Get the most from whatever you do with tailored information.

Real-time information

See live stats as you train, including Time, Distance, Speed, Pace, Calories burned and more. You can sync this information with the TomTom MySports app – the graphical activity dashboard allows for easy progress reviews over time.

Use MySports with other running apps like Strava, Runkeeper, UP by Jawbone, MapMyFitness, NikePlus, and Endomondo.
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