Tomtom Spark Cardio + Music for £149.99 (normally £189.99) @ Tomtom

Tomtom Spark Cardio + Music for £149.99 (normally £189.99) @ Tomtom

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Found 12th Jun 2016
This is a deal for the new Tomtom Spark Cardio + Music (usually retails at £189.99). If you click this link you get a £40 discount, taking this down to £149.99. Default strap size is large, I think.

If you want to choose whether to have the large or small wrist strap, and manually enter the voucher code, then click this link (, select your strap size, add to cart and add TTGYM where it says 'voucher code'. Price should come up as £149.99

The default strap colour is black, however Tomtom sell a range of different colour straps that you can buy too.

Apologies, having difficulty uploading an image of the Spark Cardio to this deal. Anyway, hope it helps someone.
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Good price but I'm still waiting for this to get smartphone notifications. It's a good fitness watch though.
..had mine about 6 mths
on the face of it seems like an all-round choice winner esp with the combined activity monitor and the more advanced sports fitness watch capabilities. In ordinary every day use the watch behaves like any other activity monitor ( logging steps, basic sleep etc) but go for a run, ride and the watch additionally logs GPS distance heart-rate pace etc . So yes you're getting two devices-in-one for the money!!
BUT If I had my time again I would avoid this watch! I had no issues ever with the prev gen multisport Tomtom watch, a diff story however when I upgraded to the TT spark/runner2 . This watch crashes about 3½ mile into a run, have been on the forums trying to get to the bottom of it and tried every suggestion, (inc avoiding badly encoded mp3's , turning off cooldown period, factory reset) to no avail. I do 5 mile runs a few times a week and the watch predictably borks part way through the run. Alright devices crash but surely it wouldn't be too difficult for Tomtom to implement some caching facility to save /rescue the data when this happens.. afterall the primary purpose of the device is to log one's efforts over time for further analysis afterward towards improving performance and health. As it happens when the Tomtom watch crashes ALL CURRENT DATA IS COMPLETELY LOST & CANNOT BE RECOVERED. Imagine this if you were riding .. after all the blood sweat and gears? No No don't rely on this watch for June's L2B ride else you'll be disappointed!!
The watch has 3GB of storage space more than plenty to cache data in the eventuality of a crash. despite that 3GB of space the watch accepts just 10 playlists though each playlist can hold as many tracks as one wishes. Once an activity is started I cannot skip tracks although I can skip playlist. TBH I got the watch for the music feature as I don't like carrying my weighty phone ( for music) while running but I think I'm simply going to get a much more reliable alternative brand but for now will be using my COMPACT MIO CYCLO 105 AS A BACKUP LOGGER for collating raw running metrics data without worrying about losing data when the watch crashes. At least afterwards I can export the data to Endomondo for analysis upon my return. Mio's own web portal has its own issues but the device has never ever crashed! Even when the battery runs out mid-ride , the data already collated is saved and recoverable!!
Great deal!

Was going to get the Cardio from Wiggle (£135) + signed up to newsletter for £10 voucher. Then Quidco. But this + Quidco (4.5%) is a better deal for a better watch.

Interesting you should say that Garf. I also signed up for the £10 voucher from Wiggle - around two weeks ago - and still haven't received it. Got fed up with waiting so decided to trawl the internet for any suitable vouchers, and happened upon this. Very glad I didn't get it from Wiggle now!

Got mine last week and love it. Tracks everything I need it to, and accurately. Hope you get as much out of yours if you decide to buy.
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