TomTom Universal High-Speed Multi-Charger (iPod, iPhone, Smartphones) 8.99(prime)/11.99(non-prime) @ Amazon

TomTom Universal High-Speed Multi-Charger (iPod, iPhone, Smartphones) 8.99(prime)/11.99(non-prime) @ Amazon

Found 29th Aug 2016
Charge up to 3 devices at the same time with the high speed multi charger. The charger is compatible with most USB devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players and navigation devices as well as high voltage devices such an in-car DVD system. The 2.1 amp port is especially suitable for extra fast charging of high power USB devices like the iPad, iPod and iPhone. To get optimal performance from your TomTom navigation device, use TomTom accessories.
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good deal..thanks
good price and a very good quality piece of kit. I had one of these in my last car as it didn't have a USB charger. very fast charging and I put a USB doubler in the cig lighter socket which gave me 3 standard charge usbs and a fast charge.. one for each family member ...
There are loads of these type of things around. Be wary if the cheap ones off ebay. They don't isolate each USB port and can damage your equipment. Here us a useful test from Autoexpress. 12 USB chargers tested

I can recommend this one: … I can recommend this one:

Thanks, I need to get a new one as my current setup doesn't draw enough power to charge my phone while using google maps.

Does each of the ports output the same power? Also if you have multiple things plugged in does each port draw less power?
I've got one. Very satisfied with it.
This is the type of charger i used 4 years ago and i was amazing, however since then chargers have moved on. Its not smart IQ or quick charge. The power is shared and it does not live up to the other chargers out there.

For the price its not that bad but there are others for similar prices that offer more kick
mine broke fairly quickly. look elsewhere
Bought this TomTom last October. In daily use. Excellent at charging smartphone when using Google Maps, etc. Recommended. Heat added.
only charger I could find which offers a passthrough cigarette lighter socket as well as USB charging. Works great for charging 2 phones and the dash cam the same time
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