Tomy Cinderella Aquadraw Was £29.99 Now £7.49 Instore Only @ Tesco

Tomy Cinderella Aquadraw Was £29.99 Now £7.49 Instore Only @ Tesco

Found 11th Nov 2009Made hot 11th Nov 2009
I picked up one of these in Tesco Ely this morning - there were about 5 left. Don't kn9ow if they are this cheap in other tesco. Perfect for my little girls 3rd birthday tomorrow.


£14.97 online

Great find, my little girl would love this!

was this at calv house cross?

got one in ely last friday when the 3 for 2 was on too! so got mine for about £5 great find

they were £15 in my local this morning :-(

yep mine too, amazon doing them for £15 as wel for those that dont have tesco close, £15 still good from £30:thumbsup: £7.50 would be fab though, of you can get it at that price,

i think tesco quite often do different promotions in different stores when it comes to the toys, i bought a barbie thumbelina doll for my little girl it was £7.50 but was still showing £15 online and in other local tesco's as well, so i guess its just your luck:-D

its about £15.00 on our tesco extra in north shields

Bargain, going to check mine tomorrow, I really hope they have it but they never do :x

they were 15quid at tesco near me,must only be selected stores

£15 at Tesco Chorley today

going tesco later.....fingers crossed.....

no luck in my local just had yellow label saying 14.97
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