Tomy I-Sobot £49.97 @ PC World Northampton (in store only)

Tomy I-Sobot £49.97 @ PC World Northampton (in store only)

Found 31st Dec 2009
Was in there this evening and spotted this bargin.

a Tomy I-Sobot programible robot for £49.97!!

seems to be instore only, cannot find it on the site, and did not get a product code

these are going for £70 - £100 on ebay

this is my 1st post so be nice


Yeah ok - I'll be nice!! ;-)

I spotted these in store as I currently work in this store but after asking the other staff there what these a like - they said they were pants. They hardly move and it's a product by Tomy - so looking to aim for little kids market and not if you are over 15 say and want a half decent robot - have to vote cold on this one buddy.

lucky if you get any from pc world.voted hot

They had quite a few in at Northampton store to be fair. But they are pants!
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