Tomy starlight dreamshow projection light - scanning at £5.40 at asda instore

Tomy starlight dreamshow projection light - scanning at £5.40 at asda instore

Found 21st May 2015
Tomy Starlight Dreamshow night light in yellow - scanning at £5.40. Bought in Asda Govan (Glasgow) but presumably national. Seems to be around the £13-£17 mark elsewhere. It projects images onto the ceiling and plays 3 melodies. The projection rotates as well, so lovely and soothing for baby! Not available online.

Even the youngest of babies have active minds as they lie in their cot. The Starlight Dreamshow from Tomy is designed to occupy those little minds, then relax them and lull them to sleep.

Consisting of a small moulded plastic moulded star, measuring roughly 14 cm (5.5 inches) from tip to tip and 6 cm (2.5 inches) in depth, the Starlight Dreamshow has several operational modes controllable using a switch. Move the switch from 'off' to either the '5 min' or '10 min' setting, then choose between pictures only or pictures and music. On the latter setting, the Starlight Dreamshow will project small, pastel images of teddies, stars, moons, and clouds onto the ceiling, while playing through three soft, gentle lullabies. On the first setting, the pictures are shown in silence. If your baby isn't asleep by the time the Starlight Dreamshow automatically switches off, just press the on button again for a replay. The Starlight Dreamshow can also be switched off early, during either of the timed programmes.

Suitable from birth, the Starlight Dreamshow requires 4 AA batteries, which are not included. A handy plastic strap comes with the unit, which can be fitted to the unit to fix it to the side of a cot, or removed so the projector can be free standing on a chest of drawers or bedside cabinet. The image of a teddy bear on a cloud pictured on the front of the Starlight Dreamshow finishes off the beautiful effect and makes this a lovely addition to any nursery.
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The description I pasted says it has two modes, but this model only has one mode - pictures and music together.
My little boy loved this when he was a baby. Great price!
We bought this at a similar price a year ago when my baby boy was born as a welcome gift from one of his big sisters, it was and still is a big hit. He loves it. Great price.
Bought 1 in mines for £3
Lovely product heat at this price
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