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Posted 7 September 2023

Tony's Chocolonely 180g bars, various flavours - Nectar price

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Milk chocolate caramel sea salt, Dark milk chocolate pretzel toffee, Dark chocolate almond sea salt, Milk chocolate, Dark creamy hazelnut crunch, Milk crispy wafer, Milk caramel biscuit, Dark milk brownie, Milk creamy hazelnut crunch and White strawberry on sale.
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  1. Zedzii's avatar
    Some (like the Chocolate Brownie flavour) are £3:00 instead.
  2. shwanko2's avatar
    Always wondered why is so expensive ?!!
    the taste don't justify the price ! yet they are everywhere now
    Dr-Rjinswand's avatar
    Because it’s ethical, and ethics cost money. Whether you consider that a valuable trait is up to you, but it’s not expensive. The other slave driven products are cheap.
  3. Andy_Grandy's avatar
    Honestly one of my fave tasting choc bars the brownie one it sends me rabid can't not eat the whole bar in one go.
  4. chischis's avatar
    A lot of folks here with clearly little or no taste in chocolate, or maybe need to check their taste buds! Each to their own obviously, but Tony's - to me - tastes very far from generic Cadbury's / Nestle / Mars / Mondelez tat. Leaving aside all the varieties available (tastes obviously vary), I find that the base choc itself is much smoother than these big name brands. At £2.50 a bar, you might not like the flavour variety but the choc itself IS better than most.
    zuggy's avatar
    I disagree. The main ingredient is sugar, which for me is an indication of cheap junk. But hey, enjoy!
  5. Knightsbane's avatar
    Agreed, tastes like shops own brand to me
    superdlo_'s avatar
    What shop own brand. I’m interested
  6. deleted1949126's avatar
    Vile taste, fairground chocolate.
  7. zuggy's avatar
    Still overpriced. Doesn’t taste like decent chocolate either, to me. It reminds me of the American junk. (edited)
    chischis's avatar
    If you think Tony's tastes anything like Hershey's or any of that genuinely garbage-tier confectionery, I pity your taste buds.
  8. gabesdad's avatar
    Remain to be impressed by this chocolate, but a fair deal.
    jibbajabba3's avatar
    Tasted just like a Yorkie to me 😳
  9. Noosei's avatar
    Surprised to see all the hate for Tony’s. The caramel sea salt is one of, if not my favourite, chocolates. I’ll admit the price is crazy and I usually buy when it’s on sale, but £2 is my biting point (edited)
    deleted1949126's avatar
    Literally your biting point
  10. Quickblood's avatar
    I wish the White strawberry one was £2.50 as that's all I'm eating right now
  11. James_Clifford's avatar
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