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Tonys Milk Chocolate Almond, Honey Nougat 75p in store, Guylian Belgian chocolates salted caramel 37p @ Sainsburys (Midsomer Norton),

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Found at Sainsburys Midsomer Norton (Nr Bath)
Tonys Milk Chocolate Honey Nougat 75p, there was around 3 boxes left on the shelf and are dated until next summer, could be nationwide.
Guylian Belgian chocolates salted caramel and creamy milk chocolate tablets just 37p for 100g dated October 2023, there was around 40 bars remaining.

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    So I recently tried the normal bar and being the most expensive on the shelf I was disappointed and it tasted like a last years Christmas Chocolate Santa from B&M. Also inside the wrapper it mentioned about sharing the cost of making the Chocolate to be fair. Is that why its pricey. Now I know that I am gonna get some hate on the back of this comment but thats is my honest opinion.
    It's not great chocolate in my opinion, green and blacks anyway
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    I’ve only bought this once and it was mediocre at best.
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    Can confirm this is a stock clearance situation so will be store dependable
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    People seem to forget that these bars are 180g - even at full price, it's ~£1.67/100g. Good value for a more ethical chocolate, in my opinion.
    Good value at this price, but the chocolate itself is nothing to write home about.
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    Not tried this so will seek out but was impressed by Ritter Sports' honey and almond for tried recently for £1.00 per 100g (30% cocoa solids).
    Mozuma's "hot pickle" (37%) is my favourite but why they changed the name from the original "chilli and lime" to something odd seems a little... odd ; )
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    That's it rub it in whilst I'm trying to diet. Damn you Sainsbury's and Tony's
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    Wish I lived nearer, Tony's chocolate is delicious!
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    Great deal and well done on exercising restraint and leaving three boxes.
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    They had some in the Dewsbury store on Thursday but was getting picked over quite quickly.
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    The Centre of the Universe
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    If you like VS chocolate iits the best….😄🍺 (edited)
    What is VS chocolate?
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    Scanned at £1.50 on smartshop this morning in my local
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    I really wanna try some of this. Must be damn expensive for a reason
    It's expensive because they make an active effort to remove child labour from their supply chain, rather than just taking their suppliers word for it.

    That unfortunate part is that the chocolate just tastes like cheap christmas chocolate, no matter how ethical it is.
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    Tried a different version of Tonys once when on offer @ Amazon. Also wasn't impressed... (edited)
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    Went to see if there was any of this on offer. Management team and others were reorganising this shelf area with new to store/additional range (or something like that) and they explained this/their store had just done this so full price. Also checked the 'taste the difference' chocolate and full price.
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    nice chocolate not worth nearly £3 a bar. haha no wonder they don't sell.
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