Too Human For Xbox 360 - £3.50 Delivered @ HMV
Too Human For Xbox 360 - £3.50 Delivered @ HMV

Too Human For Xbox 360 - £3.50 Delivered @ HMV

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n the third-person epic action game 'Too Human', you play as the cybernetic god Baldur, and are thrusted into the midst of an ongoing battle that threatens the existence of mankind. In the game, an ancient machine presence has forced the god's hand. Baldur is charged with defending humanity from an onslaught of monstrous war machines bent on the eradication of human life.

In 'Too Human', players are treated to a non-stop barrage of action, powered by the seamless integration of melee and ranged firearms combat, deep RPG elements and fuelled by breathtaking visuals enabled by the powerful Xbox 360. Battles unfold in awesome scale as players engage with vast numbers of enemies. Gamers can also take it to the next level by playing the entire single-player campaign in multiplayer co-op mode via Xbox LIVE.


Definitely worth £3.50 IMHO. Has a few bugs (getting stuck and having to restart a level happened a few times) and gets a bit repetitive after a while, but still quite a fun game while it lasts.

Voted Cold.

Sorry, but this 'game' is pathetic! £3.50 to waste your time.

Good price, couple of quid less than usual.

Too good of a price to miss! Thanks!

have some heat

Very good price for a truly awful, awful game. Most certainly within the bottom 3 (or top 3 depending on your view) of games I own.

That said, this game is prefect of all you want to do is get drunk and exercise your hands without having to bother with immersing yourself within a game. This has cack voice acting, cack controls, cack story, PS2 graphics and a wonderful unskippable cutscene upon death. Which you will see many, many, many times.

i enjoyed this!! hot from me!!

Was okay game but the unskippable death scene wound me up so much I just had to get rid of it. Surely it wouldn't of been hard to make a patch to make it skippable?!

For £3.50....I dunno, you'd have to be pretty bored to ever play this....
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This game is awesome. I've played it through about 3 times already. The comments about the unskippable death scene are fair though, that really is a massive ballbag.

the worst game known to man!!!

One of the worst games i have ever played. You will want to snap your disc in half after 30 minutes.
Pricewise its an ok deal.

Guess they spotted there error goes into the basket at £37.99

Even at this price the game is still £3.50 too expensive - worst game I have played on the current generation of consoles

I loved it 'cos it was a guy with a big 'ammer powersliding about twatting things. Part RPG (loosely) and mostly shoot-em-up for want of a better description it only suffered the crappy death anim really.

If you're happy to kick ass like this: youtube.com/wat…kpA for a few hours, then it's worth the £3.50 (fwiw it's been under a fiver for months now in the usual places).

Actually let me retract a bit. Powersliding hammers got me through it but on reflection it was a monotonous grind with endless mobspawning for mobspawning's sake and overall the game was balls. But when I played it I was really bored with **** all to do of a weekend and I liked the ripoff of Norse mythology.
Worth £3.50 - £5 if you can do what I did and sell it after for what you paid. I enjoyed it though.

It was a fairly generic dungeon crawler with a few sci-fi/mythology bells-and-whistles attached. It lacked polish and quickly became repetitive, but i kinda enjoyed it anyway.

Great value for £3.50 but sadly now deal has expired
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