Tool: Lateralus (CD) - £4.99 @ HMV (Free Delivery)
Tool: Lateralus (CD) - £4.99 @ HMV (Free Delivery)

Tool: Lateralus (CD) - £4.99 @ HMV (Free Delivery)

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What is there to say. Arguably the greatest metal album in the last 10 years for under a fiver! Never seen it this low before.

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The epic scope of Tool's excellent third album, Lateralus, could well spell a whole new era for metal. To many casual rock fans, frontman Maynard James Keenan is probably better known as the vocalist in the more MTV-friendly A Perfect Circle but it's indisputably Keenan's main group--art-metal pioneers Tool--that have reshaped the rock landscape most radically. Operating somewhere beyond the parameters of their closest peers Metallica and Jane's Addiction, Tool is the sound of metal at its most sprawling, complex, ambitious and progressive. But while the group's third album--the long-awaited Lateralus--deals with subjects as obtuse at the return of Saturn's orbit and Keenan's fascination with the occult works of Aleister Crowley, this is not simply the sound of pompous prog-rock given a Millennial makeover. Why? Mainly because Tool never let the concept swallow the sheer, gigantic scope of this music--from the brooding, dark instrumental passages and explosive rhythmic tension of the eight-minute opener "The Grudge" to the precise, angular mathematic construction of "Schism". It's true, Lateralus might be a bit much for the pogo-friendly Blink 182 fan in your life but if there's any justice in the world, this fantastic work will do for metal what Radiohead's OK Computer did for indie-rock. The boundaries have fallen and Tool have new horizons in sight.--Louis Pattison

Everything about Tool's fourth album is an experience, starting with the packaging, which consists of liner credits printed on a translucent plastic sleeve over the CD and a booklet that layers anatomical representations atop one another--the first page pictures musculature and blood vessels; the next, bones; the third, internal organs; and so on. It's worth describing the packaging of Lateralus because it says much about the astonishing music within. Maynard James Keenan and company understand the expectations riding on this much-anticipated release and they've delivered the goods! While it remains in the Tool tradition of trance-inducing progressive metal, Lateralus is tighter, clearer, crisper, and all around a notch above their admirable previous releases. Aenima was marred by muddy production and a certain predictability. Undertow had a cleaner sound but wasn't as confident or adventurous. With Lateralus, Tool have raised an already lofty bar still higher by coming up with a collection that kicks major ass. --Genevieve Williams

Track Listing:
Track Listings
1. Grudge
2. Eon Blue Apocalypse
3. Patient
4. Mantra
5. Schism
6. Parabol
7. Parabola
8. Ticks And Leeches
9. Lateralus
10. Disposition
11. Reflection
12. Triad
13. Faaip De Oiad

BTW, HMV are actually running similar promotions on other albums in Tools back catalogue (at the similar great price of £4.99).


10,000 Days


I remember when this was released and buying it on a whim because the cover looked amazing.
Now it's one of my all time favourites

Does it still have the slipcase and transparent booklet?

Can't comment on other Tool albums, but 10,000 Days isn't worth as much as a fiver.

I think I've liked what I've heard from Aenima and Lateralus though.
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Arguably the greatest metal album in the last 10 years?????

Yep I agree...


you either like Tool or you don't....lateralus is amazing, so is 10,000 days. Truly epic music.

Masterpiece is an overused term......but not in this case.

Original Poster

Amazon UK: 122 from 131 reviewers awarded a 5 star rating. This says it all really!

BTW, I got it last week and it does still come with a weird slipcase and mad transparent booklet of anatomy.

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