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Makita DLX2180TJ 18V Twin Kit 2 x 5.0Ah Batteries Charger & 101 Piece Drill Set £404 @ Tools4Trade
Posted 8th SepPosted 8th Sep
Makita DLX2180TJ 18V Twin Kit 2 x 5.0Ah Batteries Charger & 101 Piece Drill Set Features:Makita DHP484:Electric brake 2 x Mechanical Gears Variable Speed Trigger Forward/Revers… Read more

just yesterday we had a sub contractor fitting ladders and the chuck wobbles like crazy on the combi and he only bought it two weeks before , very poor quality it moves like it had been dropped. The top spec combi that makita makes is in a total other league and is supplied with the best chuck available (around £250 with two 4ah batteries )but this is a trend with a lot of manufacturers even Milwaukee’s cheaper model chucks move a little (although nowhere near as bad as this price of crap!)

Mkdon Milwaukee fuel set for £380


Damn its cold in here.


eBay. Delivered yesterday.


Where did you find that DLX2176TJ set for £340?

DeWalt DW088K Cross Line Laser Level Kit + Wall Mount Bracket £99.99 @ Tools4Trade
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Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
DeWalt DW088K Cross Line Laser Level Kit + Wall Mount Bracket £99.99 @ Tools4Trade£99.99£1109% Free P&P Free
£130 at Screwfix, Toolstation. Better accuracy (± 0.3 mm/m vs 0.5/0.6) and resale value over the cheaper options in the £50-80 range (own brands, Stanley, Bosch) Now compatib… Read more

£115 NOW!


I've used this one on a sunny day and we were struggling to see it 7 metres away with a white backing


Thank you, that's really good insight, would you have any suggestive brands or shape to go for?


I have some considerable experience with Chinese lasers .....😏 Mostly good. I've had red lasers for ages, green is a revelation and I'd never go back to red unless used in darkened room. Green shows well in anything except direct sunlight. So green is the way to go, red lasers are dying out rapidly. BAD I bought a 'green' laser from Bangood. Turns out it was a green casing with a red laser inside! Deliberately frustrating service section sends you round in a loop - requesting video evidence that is totally ignored, reference to faq's, all plainly designed to make you give up. Eventually went through PayPal who say send it back with signature request and then they'll consider refund. Postage more than its worth. So effectively a risk with no warranty or service from China. GOOD another 2 line green laser from China works really well and cost £75 two years ago. Used daily, uses 3x AA batteries that last a full dayifon all the time Mains Power adapter but gets in the way and not used. Wouldn't be without it for tiling, stud walls, plasterboard setting out, very quick levelling kitchen cabinets and base units, lighting spotlight layout, etc etc. Now you get a 12 line laser for £60 and rechargeable. A point to note is that most come with a 1/4" camera type tripod mount. Some come with a 5/8" mount used for surveyors tripods. There are adapters but a £10 expense. I've learnt not to use a tripod, gets kicked and is a fuss to adjust to the right height I use a plasterboard prop to the ceiling which gives infinity variable height quickly. But you need to buy a suitable clamp £8 from China or a magnetic mount that I haven't tried On balance well happy with a Chinese laser. Might buy a 12 line laser now (gives an all-round 360 degree line as opposed to just what's in front for my old 2 line laser).



Makita DHP453ZW White Combi Drill Driver LXT 18V Body £39 + £3.99 delivery at tools4trade
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Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
Makita DHP453ZW White Combi Drill Driver LXT 18V Body £39 + £3.99 delivery at tools4trade£42.99
Slightly cheaper version at £39 spend another £1 to get free delivery or add £3.99 for delivery NO BATTERY OR CHARGER Makita DHP453ZW White Combi Drill Driver LXT 18V Body Only … Read more

Is this an impact drill? Mainly wanna use it for diy screwing into fences blocks etc. Used a friends once and was amazing


The batteries and power packs are. I'd only buy this if I had some other Makita kit and had the other parts already. You can pick up a Makita drill with battery and charger at somewhere like Screwfix for £99.99 when the offers are on. Screwfix do a bare Makita drill for £39.99 with free c&c.


Are the power packs expensive?



This was posted yesterday at £40! And the DHP482 seems to be the one to get given the small price difference :)

Makita DHP482WZ 18V LXT Li-ion 2-Speed Combi Drill White Body Only £45 @ tools4 trade
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Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
Makita DHP482WZ 18V LXT Li-ion 2-Speed Combi Drill White Body Only £45 @ tools4 trade£45 Free P&P Free
UPDATE BACK IN STOCK NOW Slightly more then couple days ago but still good value @£45 free delivery as well BACK IN STOCK Features:Makita DHP482WZ: Variable 2-speed… Read more

I will have a look, thank you (y)


There’s quite a few from other sellers around same price on eBay if you still want one...


Out of stock.


Might be a silly question, but how do you charge it? Does it come with the charging pack? Or do you need that separate? Need a more powerful drill as the one the wife bought me a couple of years ago is little more than an electric screwdriver and it's Micro USB charged (embarrassed)


Previous deal included makpac.. And no, no one needs to pull out their time machine, it also needs to stay in lockdown/isolation like rest of us :p

Milwaukee 4932464080 Packout Box 3 Toolbox Storage System without Tray - £29.99 / £33.98 delivered @ Tools4Trade
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Posted 29th FebPosted 29th Feb
Milwaukee 4932464080 Packout Box 3 Toolbox Storage System without Tray - £29.99 / £33.98 delivered @ Tools4Trade£33.98£49.9932%
Milwaukee Packout tool box 3 Description Milwaukee 4932464080 Packout Box 3 Toolbox Storage System without TrayMilwaukee Packout Small Box 4932464080. New 4932464080 Toolbox Sy… Read more
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Just stick the the tried and true 'man draw' no matter how much stuff you have more always fits in :D Need a ignition switch for a 67 Chevy Impala - Man draw Need that replica winning lure from the Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo - Man draw! Need a transdimensional portal into the land of Narnia - Ma.. Oh wait thats grandmas wardrobe.. but you get the idea.


Which storage system to go for? My OCD (flirt) means I can't decide on this, DeWalt T-Stak or the "Really Useful Box" system. I can't get round to sorting my hoard out, until I decide what storage system to sort it in to. :S (y)


That’s not a packout 3 box Above is what the packout 3 box is..

Bosch 1600A001S2 L-BOXX 102 with 13 Piece Organiser Insert Set - £18.99 / £22.98 delivered @ Tools4Trade
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Posted 19th Sep 2018Posted 19th Sep 2018
Bosch 1600A001S2 L-BOXX 102 with 13 Piece Organiser Insert Set - £18.99 / £22.98 delivered @ Tools4Trade£18.99
As the title says, Bosch 1600A001S2 L-BOXX 102 with 13 Piece Organiser Insert Set The next cheapest ive found is £23.99 Yesterday i paid £8.89 just for the foam lid insert for my… Read more
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Wow (nerd)


Oooo the naitves are getting restless I see haha. Dress it up anyway you like, it is still £18.99 for a plastic box. Just because it is made by Bosch doesn't guarantee quality. If you were a real "professional" you would know that. And lollypoplee, you are correct and insane at the same time. I will conceed it is more than just a box. It is an overly expensive box filled with foam. It should cost the same as the other bit of plastic you mention. But you're a mental case if you compare it to a supercar. I get the anaology but it is even poorer than the fiver analogy. A box for holding screws cannot be Lamborghini or Skoda. It is just a box that hold screws. And I particularly love the comment about understanding how it works. It is a box that holds screws. No need for an Open University course, i think I've cracked it. I think we are in danger of overselling something, that when all is said and done, is still just a box.


was also in the armed forces for 13 years and never killed anyone (angel)


I'm watching you (pirate)


Too busy reviewing overpriced tat. You MI5 or what XD

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Posted 30th Nov 2017Posted 30th Nov 2017

Back in stock


Have just ordered the DCF887D2, along with the combi drill DCD996N (body only) from here: So I've effectively got the twin kit for £270, albeit with the lesser capacity 2 x 2Ah batteries. The batteries should be sufficient for my needs as I'm only a DIY'er. In fact, I don't actually even need an impact driver or such a powerful drill. XD


yeah the 3 torque settings and slow/soft mode is a neccessity for varied work imho. hence my purchase, and yes theyve been avilable on ebay cheaper for a while, but 'most' of them are American versions and I wasn't will ing to take a punt on not getting the 3 Yr warranty because of a technicality... if it was discounted enough its maybe worth it, but everyone's different :) Glad a couple of people picked one up anyway :)


OOS now unfortunately


Voted hot. I was looking for this model, good price from a good company drill will be here tomorrow. Thank you for taking the time to post this I am very happy and my son will be when he gets his Christmas present.Just need to find a battery and charger cheap:D

Makita DHP480Z 18v LXT Li-ion Brushless 54Nm Combi Drill DHP480 £79 delivered @
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Posted 3rd Jun 2015Posted 3rd Jun 2015
Makita DHP480Z 18v LXT Li-ion Brushless 54Nm Combi Drill DHP480 £79 delivered @£79
Great price for a powerful Mikita brushless combi drill. Bare unit only obviously. A good £40-50 cheaper than elsewhere. Full spec: … Read more
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It is tempting to go for the Screwfix one, as the charge and battery are £95 on there own (I doubt the difference between 4ah and 3ah battery will matter much to me). However, my last Makita Drill/Driver lasted me a decade, still tempted to go for the Brushless DHP480, its also a bit lighter. But what do I do, just grab the separate components. Or grab the DHP480 plus the screw fix bundle. £25 more expensive, 3ah battery. But I get a spare body (is it worth much, as I likely won't use it if its heavier then the 480) and case.


btw the new BL one has twice the torque of this, but is about 130


for the drill charger, I think it's nearly worth buying the screwfix exclusive white drill for 120 as the 3ah batt is about 60 the charger 36 blowmoulded case 15 so you get the drill for a tenner.


They were selling as low as £66.99 back in March 2015. Now at £99.95 on ebay oO Don't get me wrong it's a lot of drill for the money and I nearly went for it as I already have batteries and charger from other units. Still tempted even at this price. This will be good as a drill driver and should suit most DIY tasks.


How much was he selling them for on Ebay? Apparently this will be my Fathers day pressie but having to do the research and picking myself :) Also will the battery the OP has listed work with their lighter bodies also? Ideally want a light body for general DIY and a heavy duty one so I don't have to faff around with the corded drill/running an extension/etc. My previous cheap NiCd Makita is finally giving up the ghost and the Mrs is at a loss what to get for Fathers day (my first one :)) so thought that was a good sign as to what to get me. Guess it will also put a stop to the complaining about my tools when a job needs doing.

DeWalt DCD780 XR 18V Cordless Drill Driver 2 Speed 2 x 1.5Ah Li-Ion Batteries £119 @ Tools4Trade
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Posted 20th Oct 2014Posted 20th Oct 2014
DeWalt DCD780 XR 18V Cordless Drill Driver 2 Speed 2 x 1.5Ah Li-Ion Batteries £119 @ Tools4Trade£119
Looking for a replacement Drill/Driver and came across this best price i could find. Comes with: 30 minute charger 2 x Slide pack batteries Heavy duty carry case ~£228 with same … Read more

BUT they are are a great fashion item on most building sites, even more so if you wear the matching clothes and PPE. ;)


Not a bargain at all, I got my Makita from ScrewFix for a similar price with a single 3ma Li-lon battery (less weight), and 120 piece good quality bit set. Its been exceptional. It has in fact put 99% of Alton Towers Terror Of The Towers audio/Visual in place and still like new. Dewalt are great drills too but you need to wait for the right deal to come up, You will always pay over the odds for them and this deal just doesn't cut it.


I own a dewalt 18v the older version with chunky battery for last 7 years, survived heavy diy jobs. it is still good working tool and surprise surprise still the same batteries maybe because I look after them a lot... 2 years ago I bought my dream Makita LXT from screwfix for my father- as occasional DIYer he managed to kill 1 gear on that famous Makita, so only 2nd gear u can use. maybe only personal experience but -> I am gonna stay with dewalt....


I've had a dewalt for a few years... Not impressed compared to the Wickes own brand one I had when I got the dewalt... I'm not kidding either... Within months of owning the dewalt, it needed a new gearbox after the hammer action failed. Then it happened again after 11 months. Still works now, but both batteries fairly short life, and the motor has started sparking and smells pretty bad. The wickes drill on the other hand, helped me build half my first house, was dropped down two flights of stairs, still holds a good charge, still 'hammers', and has never had a single fault, apart form a broken battery clip on its rapid descent down my stairs. Cable ties now hold it in place. I've dropped a hint to the Mrs for a new drill for Christmas, but told her to avoid the dewalt, I'd rather have a top end wickes own brand. Or maybe a Makita, never had one of those... Not voting, as this IS a good price for one of these, but don't buy one thinking you are getting a cheap pro level tool. You are getting a cheap tool with a pro name on it.


My Aldi drill is great at drilling holes

Sealey Topchest & Rollcab Combination 6 Drawer With Ball Bearing Runners Red/Grey AP2200BB @ Tools4Trade - £95
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Posted 5th Sep 2013Posted 5th Sep 2013
Sealey Topchest & Rollcab Combination 6 Drawer With Ball Bearing Runners Red/Grey AP2200BB @ Tools4Trade - £95£95
Not a great deal - but about 10% less than the competition. Sealey Topchest & Rollcab Combination 6 Drawer With Ball Bearing Runners Red/Grey AP2200BB Features: The economical… Read more

Comments I have read elsewhere indicate that this is much better than the Halfords one - but the metal is still a bit on the thin side.




bought a similar tool chest from halfords for £49. have to say it houses alot but the drawers stick or are hard to open and close and the metal is easily bent/dented.


Hence the cheap price?


these are cheaply made

DeWalt DCD925B2 XRP Cordless Combi Drill 18 Volt 2 x 2.6AH Batteries £195  @ Tools4Trade
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Posted 19th Oct 2012Posted 19th Oct 2012
DeWalt DCD925B2 XRP Cordless Combi Drill 18 Volt 2 x 2.6AH Batteries £195 @ Tools4Trade£195
Normally sells for £280 at Screwfix and other outlets. Seems they are clearing stock to make way for the new Li-ion Drills that were introduced. I know some might say this isn't ch… Read more

It might be because they're not Li-Ion, although they are large capacity batteries. Also it is another 20% off weekend at B&Q from tomorrow, so there may be a decent drill deal to be had there with that discount.


This is a good price for this model not sure why people are voting cold. Is it because it's not a £99 B&Q DIY offer ?


Not a bad price but personally i would pay a bit extra and go for the new 4.0ah DCD985M2 model.

C.K Tool Systems Builders Rig - 415008 £14.00 Tools4Trade + P&P
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Posted 23rd Jul 2012Posted 23rd Jul 2012
C.K Tool Systems Builders Rig - 415008 £14.00 Tools4Trade + P&P£17.99
Utility belt back on offer again, not as cheap as it was but still a good deal at £14.00.

I work with alot of tradesman and if you turned on up site with one of these the batman jokes would follow you to the grave. Neat idea, poorly executed.


over £20 with delivery and VAT


All that space for a hammer and chisel.............Kwik fit fitters compulsory uniform........Allegedly.....;)


Delivery Charge : £3.99

C.K Tool Systems Technician's Vest @ tools4trade £14.49 delivered
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Posted 15th Jun 2012Posted 15th Jun 2012
C.K Tool Systems Technician's Vest @ tools4trade £14.49 delivered£14.49
not as hardcore as the builders rig that has gone out of stock but still looks like a good vest here is the description from the website C.K Tool Systems Technician's Vest - 41500… Read more

Great, now I can have access to all my tools while I DIY in the nude. No more buidler's crack to worry about!


I'm tempted to...


I hope someone somewhere is walking around their office as an IT technician wearing one of these.


Bullet resistant if your wearing a level 4 multiple hit vest with ceramic plates ............Over it :-/


is it bulletproof

C.K Tool Systems Builders Rig back again - £9.99 plus £3.99 postage @ Tools4Trade
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Posted 13th Jun 2012Posted 13th Jun 2012
C.K Tool Systems Builders Rig back again - £9.99 plus £3.99 postage @ Tools4Trade£13.98
This was on HUKD a while ago as a clearance item. Looks like it is back in stock. I got one last time around and it is excellent quality and really useful for carrying everything… Read more

I received mine today...its great lol! I'm a medium and it was a good fit....


I heard the theme music from the bill when i seen this....then i legged it oO


One bad review = slated?


Just went to the link and out of stock


Does not let me add to shopping cart, anyone else hav this problem ?

DeWalt XRP DCD925B2-GB 18V 2.6Ah Ni-MH Cordless Combi Drill only £166 @ Tools4Trade
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Posted 3rd Apr 2012Posted 3rd Apr 2012
DeWalt XRP DCD925B2-GB 18V 2.6Ah Ni-MH Cordless Combi Drill only £166 @ Tools4Trade£166
Just had mines delivered today, this was by far the cheapest i could find anywhere. Screwfix sell this one for £319.99. The next cheapest i could find was £239.98 from… Read more

With the batteries costing around £50 each, I wouldn't consider spending £100 to give a 4 or 5 year old, hard worked drill a new lease of life.


You won't see so many Festool, so by your logic Festool must only be suitable for DIY/ light trade work?


ive never seen any tradesmen with hitachi tools, makita and dewalt yes. Hitachi no.!


why isnt it viable to replace the batteries a few years down the line??


I'm a Muppet. (_;) Last for ever? Ni-MH batteries, throw the whole lot out because it's not viable to replace these a few years down the line.

ck tools systems builders rig £14.70 inc delivery @ tools for trade
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Posted 28th Feb 2012Posted 28th Feb 2012
ck tools systems builders rig £14.70 inc delivery @ tools for trade£14.70
Just got a e-mail through tools for trade are doing a clearance on ck stuff. You will need to add £3.50 delivery Also technicians vest £8.75… Read more
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Its good but no drill holster on it :(


Great, always struggle for dad, bought, thanks


delivered today by Fedex along with various other bits of kit...v good quality....


Looks like this has gone up in price? £14.00 + £3.50 del


thanks ordered -...... Think im gonna look like arnie in predator

dewalt toolbag £8.00 was £36.00 tools4trade £11.50 inc delivery
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Posted 9th Feb 2012Posted 9th Feb 2012
dewalt toolbag £8.00 was £36.00 tools4trade £11.50 inc delivery£11.50
My husband just asked me to buy him a couple of these bag as he thinks they are a great price. Good if your in the building trade.
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Got Mine...Nice!!! Thanks Sparkiegirl


got mine through today great bags. Got a order confirmation and dispatch email


has anyone had order confirmed? i got a message back saying out of stock after i paid and offered a replacement.


thanks op, have risked it :)


yup 100% spot on. wouldnt touch them again. i bought a socket set and they sent me a different brand/lower quality. they werent interested in sorting it out

Dewalt DC318KN 28V Heavy-Duty Cordless Jigsaw (Naked) £99 @ Tools4Trade
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Posted 20th Oct 2010Posted 20th Oct 2010
Dewalt DC318KN 28V Heavy-Duty Cordless Jigsaw (Naked) £99 @ Tools4Trade£99
List Price: £593.53 Save: £494.53 Dewalt DC318KN 28 volt Heavy-Duty Cordless Jigsaw (Naked) offers control and vesatility in different materials and applications. Specificatio… Read more

I've got no idea where these list prices come from, £594?!?! :D These are a great jigsaw, use them at work a lot. Heat added.


you tell them!! lol ;-)


yes we had the same debate a few weeks ago about the bosch tools that would run off 36 volt lawnmower batteries. these are professional tools and not designed for use by the dim wits who think everything should come in one box


Great if you already have a battery & charger (_;)


Not much good without battery or charger ...

Ronseal Decking Stain 2.5L (All Colours) - £17.87 (£3.99 delivery) @ Tools4Trade
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Posted 7th Jun 2009Posted 7th Jun 2009
Ronseal Decking Stain 2.5L (All Colours) - £17.87 (£3.99 delivery) @ Tools4Trade£17.87
Free delivery on orders over £60 B&Q currently charging £25.99 for this...........

To be honest if you haven't put any treatment down then I would go with the oil myself as well as it penetrates into the wood. This stain is more like a paint and sits on the surface of the wood, it looks great when its done but over the winter it peels/flakes away and you are left with a clean up job and having to do it every year. For those who already use it though its a decent price......


I know this is a stain, but we have recently used Cuprinol decking oil 5 litres from screwfix available for £29.99

Maktec 18v Drill / Driver , 1 battery ..................... £25 @ tools4trade
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Posted 30th Apr 2009Posted 30th Apr 2009
Maktec 18v Drill / Driver , 1 battery ..................... £25 @ tools4trade£25
made by makita for diy use , 13mm keyless chuck 1 x 1.3Ah battery 1 x charger case Specifications 18v industrial motor 13mm capacity keyless chuck 2 speed gearbox Variable sp… Read more
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Good price but wouldn't touch anything with a NiCd battery these days, so no vote from me..


It does not say it comes with three batteries?


I have one of these, came with 3 batteries & cost £50 trade! This is an excellent price as the batteries cost about £25 on their own. Heat & respect!


Voted cold because it only comes with one battery???, just kidding. No vote from me. How many batteries do drills usually come with?


[image missing]