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Dewalt DCD796N 18 V XR Brushless Compact Combi Drill (Naked Unit) £69.99 @ Toolsense
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Posted 14th JulPosted 14th Jul
Dewalt DCD796N 18 V XR Brushless Compact Combi Drill (Naked Unit) £69.99 @ Toolsense£69.99£74.997% Free P&P Free
Dewalt DCD796N 18v Li-Ion XR Brushless Compact Combi Drill - Naked - Body Only Looks like a good price and the cheapest I can find it at the moment.
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I've expired it. Hopefully it'll come back into stock.


It’s been OOS since 20m after the deal went up - not sure why it’s still up.


OOS :(


Jus be aware the second picture on their website is wrong it's the dcd996 on the pic


The n means "Naked", so just the drill body, nothing else. This is the DCD796, but just the drill body. Good if you've already got the batteries and charger.

Dewalt DCF887N-XJ - 18V Brushless G2 3SP Impact Driver - Naked Unit - £78.99 @ Toolsense - Free Postage
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Posted 14th JulPosted 14th Jul
Dewalt DCF887N-XJ - 18V Brushless G2 3SP Impact Driver - Naked Unit - £78.99 @ Toolsense - Free Postage£78.99
I want one but not got the money at the minute, seems a fair deal for anyone in the market for one, I know there are a million combinations and variations to these. DeWalt DCF887N… Read more
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I would not really use this for drilling anything more than a pilot hole...i don't think they are meant to run continuously like a drill can, they are more for short bursts driving a screw in, stop, drive in another screw. There's loads of reports and videos of these heating up and even smoking but the idiots are drilling 30mm holes into oak beams with auger bits in a 1/4" chuck!, it's simply not made for that. I'll be driving screws with mine, if I want to drill a hole I'll use my drill.


Arrived an hour ago, only ordered on Wednesday.... Everything all present and correct, sealed and not messed about with, very happy with it and I. T. S (the shop/seller) quick service and delivery via DPD... £155.99 + £7 for N. Ireland delivery.


This company is legit I ordered yesterday and it arrived today Royal Mail 24 the impact driver is the real deal brand new not a rework however it arrived without a box of any kind simply wrapped in a bit of bubble wrap in a poly mail bag (annoyed)


Plus, even for driving screws, an impact can be too much. Power is nothing without control. This guy explains it well. Still, this gets heat from me for the price, and the Toolsense name is familiar. Maybe through ebay?


It was £7 extra postage but still cheap... Apparently its been dispatched already.

Dewalt DCD796P2-GB 18V XR Brushless Combi Drill. + 2 x 5 Ah Lion Batteries £194.99 delivered @ Toolsense
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Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
Dewalt DCD796P2-GB 18V XR Brushless Combi Drill. + 2 x 5 Ah Lion Batteries £194.99 delivered @ Toolsense£194.99 Free P&P Free
This deal has 5ah rather than the 4ah batteries in the other excellent deal. They last longer and therefore cost more Free fast delivery The DEWALT DCD796 XR Brushless Compact C… Read more

I think some people look at the deal and think , last week there was a deal with a DeWalt drill and two batteries for £120. They might not realise that this is an almost top of the range pro tool with powerful batteries rather than lower end heavy diy use.


There is no difference in the weight of 4Ah and 5Ah batteries. People just see less £££ and voting. Most probably less than 1 % of the voters would buy any of the deals on this drill.


You are probably right. I think the other deal is good value and makes sense if you want the lighter but lower capacity batteries. However if you want the 5ah batteries either for this drill or for use with a grinder or saw, this is the cheapest out there. Why would it be voted cold.


I think people are comparing it to the other toolstation price and not realising the higher Ah batteries and the delivery vs advertised as pick up hence the cold votes. In saying that the toolstation one looks available for delivery to me. I think both are pretty good deals (y)


Losing faith in this site. Voted cold but no comments as to why? Is there a cheaper deal for this package I don't know of?

DEWALT DWST1-71195 T-Stak Deep Tool Boxes - One For £23.98 / Two For £43.97 / Three For £59.97 Delivered @ Toolsense
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Posted 30th MarPosted 30th Mar
DEWALT DWST1-71195 T-Stak Deep Tool Boxes - One For £23.98 / Two For £43.97 / Three For £59.97 Delivered @ Toolsense£23.98£26.9911%
Going by the recent offers on this tool box, this is one of the best prices in a while on the DWST1-71195. If you do need a few of these, you can get free delivery by spending ove… Read more

Looks like they're not learning then, since yours shipped out after there had already been complaints about packaging. I do wonder though how Hermes manage to put enough force through the box to crack it fully when it locked closed. :{


8 of mine turned up today, all in good shape thankfully. Very poor packaging, just put inside a polythene bag! Still waiting on the other 2.................


Mine arrived today got the full amount I ordered ...... Smashed to pieces - shocking service this must cost them a fortune in damaged goods.


They just dispatched 2 more for me for free. Good email support although they seem to be putting some of the blame on Hermes.


Pretty much the same here.....received email tonight but judging by the posts on here I'll be lucky to receive the quantity I ordered in 1 piece

DeWalt DCK211D2T-GB Combo Kit With Drill Driver, Impact Driver 2 x 2.0Ah Batteries, Multi-Voltage Charger & Lid TSTAK £119.99 @ Toolsense
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Posted 24th JanPosted 24th Jan
DeWalt DCK211D2T-GB Combo Kit With Drill Driver, Impact Driver 2 x 2.0Ah Batteries, Multi-Voltage Charger & Lid TSTAK £119.99 @ Toolsense£119.99£1318%
DeWalt DCK211D2T-GB - 10.8V Combo Kit With DCD710 Drill Driver, DCF815 Impact Driver, 2 x 2.0Ah Batteries, Multi-Voltage Charger & Clear Lid TSTAK Box Features: Kit contains… Read more

Oh, did you really have to post that? It's like waving some extra high quality smack in front of a junkie ...




I have to agree to a large extent, but bought for the right purpose these would be a good buy if it's for specific jobs like kitchen fitters or where space is crucial. I am a huge dewalt fan and I get your point about brand image etc but if I needed these for a specific reason I'd rather buy dewalt versions than another brand, so it's a double edged sword. It's worth pointing out to would be buyers that are looking for a good all round DIY set that this is not the sort of set that's going to fulfill most DIY tasks, no hammer on the "drill" low torque etc and you would certainly be better investing in the 18v range as a go too set to cover most jobs. I personally cant see the need to buy these over an 18v set unless it's to complement other more capable tools.


If its just for DIY just get a 18v combi drill, to be honest 1.3 Ah or 1.5 Ah depending on the brand will be good enough 2 Amp hour will be perfectly fine. Just make sure its a decent brand and look how long the battery's take to charge because some of the cheap ones have ridiculously slow chargers.


I've used this set in the past for work, the impact driver is more powerful than you'd imagine. I swapped to the 10.8v makita kit as the range is much bigger, they even do a brushless sds. Don't knock the 10.8/12v stuff til you've tried it, very rarely do I need to get the 18v kit out.

FACOM BS.R20 - Soft Fabric Professional Tool Bag only £79.99 @ ToolSense (Free Delivery)
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Posted 25th Mar 2019Posted 25th Mar 2019
FACOM BS.R20 - Soft Fabric Professional Tool Bag only £79.99 @ ToolSense (Free Delivery)£79.99
This is by far the best tool bag I've used to date. Holds everything you need, easy to drag along and not too bulky to carry up stairs. Facom is a leading tool manufacturer, so qu… Read more
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This is the smaller 14" bag...nog the 20"er..that is bit big to lug around when fully loaded..but the size if this one limits the weight to a certain extent...they are great bags however!! And the makita underneath the one selected would be the actual alternative to this one...not the wheeled one.... Facom bags are worth the cash however if you're not just a diyer Edit I'm clearly blind and stupid.. the pic looked like the 14" bag so despite the text and model number I decided it was the 14"er :P whoops still a great bag


People thinking this is dear should not look at Veto tool bags (lol)


Maybe have a look at the DeWalt T-stack system as that is modular and can adjust to suit. However again, no tools included. Quick note on the magma bag, if you do go for it go for the plus version (more rugged and waterproof base). Good decision/pass on the sparkly suitcase (lol)


Thanks, might be a good option and I'll make a note of it.... I do like the Facom, it's big, almost too big to lug about when loaded up but for our business needs it is pretty much perfect to load up tools (some in smaller containers) and parts and wander off to a job and be self sufficient and no van nearby. I've still yet to see those bags that are just as sturdy and come with tools for less ;) I'll politely decline Wayners suggestion of a second hand suitcase with sparkles applied... tends to be frowned upon in the more big corporate environments I work in :D


I've got the 20 Inches one without wheels, very much on the pricey side, but it's absolutely worth it's price, I am tempted to purchase this one, but not sure it's worth the extra weight and bulkiness for my use, don't walk very long distances £90 on Amazon for prime members for those who prefer to buy trough them

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FACOM  Impact air Wrench £99.99  toolsense
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Posted 14th Nov 2018Posted 14th Nov 2018
FACOM Impact air Wrench £99.99 toolsense£99.99£179.9944%
Great price in my opinion for this great FACOM NS.1600F - 1/2" Pneumatic 860Nm Micro Composite Impact Air Wrench. Not specified in the website, but as all FACOM products they are c… Read more
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Must admit more keen on cordless tools these days. New milwaukee brushless impact wrenches are well specced, no more hoses around you, no worries about compressor etc.. The only downside is heat during prolonged usage. Worth considering if compressor not big enough. (ninja)


4.14 cfn there you goeveryone


1cfm equals 28.3 LPM. So that makes it about 5 cfm. But it says average air consumption (this is sales bull) so you have to double that to 10 cfm free air delivery from your compressor. Remember your compressor will not give 9.6 cfm at the operating pressure and the figure quoted is going to be for piston displacement.


what this in cfm .Not sure if my compressor will cope with it ? help anyone


you run about 270Lpm

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Posted 26th Feb 2018Posted 26th Feb 2018
Posted last week but sold out. Had email stating back in stock (highfive) CNC precisely machined bit with a torsion zone to absorb peaks in torque. Allows optimum bit flex for m… Read more
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robthebubble go with my new DeWalt impact driver which arrived today! (y)


I think I understand what you mean but the 'sleeve' doesn't appear to move at all. The only movement is the bit itself moving due to the internal spring. I feel sure I must just be being an idiot and missing something obvious but if you get the chance to post again once yours arrives it would be much appreciated!


Not received mine yet - but you usually have to pull the sleeve of the holder forward (or back) then pull the bit out


Can any one that has this set answer what is probably a stupid question for me. Once you put the magnetic screw holder over the screwdriver bit, do you simply use brute force to take it off again when needed or is there a trick to it? Mine arrived today and I just tried the holder together with the bit packaged next to it to get an idea of how it worked and now it doesn't want to come off again!


Ordered, thanks a lot and heat added.

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Posted 20th Feb 2018Posted 20th Feb 2018
This is a great price for this set. Impact great to go with power tools etc Bought couple as great for working on site and have all bits I need in one place. CNC precisely machi… Read more
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Back in stock people (highfive) (highfive) (highfive) (cheeky) (cheeky) (cheeky)


You could always cancel yrs and let me buy it :p


out of stock. I must have grabbed the last one. Thankfully got there in the nick of time before OOS. Best Regards,


whats oos do you mean oops



Dewalt DCK699M3T 18V Cordless Kit (6 piece) £639.99 @ Toolsense
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Posted 20th Feb 2018Posted 20th Feb 2018
Dewalt DCK699M3T 18V Cordless Kit (6 piece) £639.99 @ Toolsense£639.99
DCD795 Brushless Compact Hammer Drill, DCF886 Brushless Impact Driver, DCH253 3 Mode SDS Plus Rotary Hammer, DCS331 Jigsaw, DCS391 Circular Saw, DCL040 LED Pivot Light, 3 x 4.0Ah S… Read more

Good find.


I would live this for my birthday hint to my husband. Birthday for me hopefully x


Looks the same kit on EBay, item number 302645641667 £595.00 the those who prefer PayPal.


Very hot!



BS.T20PB  FACOM 20inch PROBAG - £44.99 @ Toolsense
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Posted 5th Jan 2018Posted 5th Jan 2018
BS.T20PB FACOM 20inch PROBAG - £44.99 @ Toolsense£44.99
Real high quality bags, very durable and this cheapest I have seen in a while. 20'' Pro Soft Tool Bag. • Professional quality - Covered by the Facom Tools Guarantee. • Large 47L… Read more

Great value


Excellent find op.....have some warmth.


Ooooooooooh sensitivity, is this bag really that good ? My bad (cheeky) :D


Nope, a top quality bag for people who know there is better than draper, b and a value etc..


Steveex (highfive)

Facom NS.1600F Pneumatic 860NM Micro Impact Wrench £99.99 -  toolsense
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Posted 13th Dec 2017Posted 13th Dec 2017
Facom NS.1600F Pneumatic 860NM Micro Impact Wrench £99.99 - toolsense£99.99
Posted this few weeks back and price has dropped again to £99.99. Been blown away with this gun so much power for a small unit and the feel and quality is very good. Love Facom t… Read more



£104.55 on ebay


Facom NS.1600F Pneumatic 860NM Micro Impact Wrench £99.99 - toolsense


Looks good for the money

Facom BS.T20PB Tote Bag cheapest I seen !!! £47.99 @ Toolsense
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Posted 4th Dec 2017Posted 4th Dec 2017
Facom BS.T20PB Tote Bag cheapest I seen !!! £47.99 @ Toolsense£47.99
Love these totes, this cheapest I see these with next day delivery. Bit more expensive than other brands but high quality and they last. Details • 20'' Pro Soft Tool Bag. • Prof… Read more

Its actually cheaper NOW at same place And the ebay one above is now almost £60


cold cheaper

FACOM NS.1600F - 1/2" PNEUMATIC IMPACT WRENCH £104.99 -  toolsense
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Posted 30th Nov 2017Posted 30th Nov 2017
FACOM NS.1600F - 1/2" PNEUMATIC IMPACT WRENCH £104.99 - toolsense£104.99
This is serious bit of kit for its size 861NM Facom good quality tools from past experience. Friend had one for using on his car builds and couldn’t believe how much power this has… Read more
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I have one of these and run it on a 70year old ingersoll rand compressor with a 1 1/2hp (when it was new) motor and it runs it fine.... no problem at all!


Yes, perfect......but just make sure you run that screw compressor hard or you will find that you get a condensation problem in the screw and oil and water mixing, resulting in screwed screw.


My 7.5hp screw compressor and 500lt reciever as well as 150lt of pipework would be just fine then :p


Runs my gun ok and one i have needs more than average 1/2 in gun


What you will find is that the figure you're quoting is the pumps air displacement. What you need to look at is the free air delivery figure (usually around 3 cfm per hp on piston pumps). This figure is also only calculated at 1 bar working pressure so it will be lower again at around 8 bar. Here's a link if anyone need further advice

DeWalt DT70545T - 34 Piece Impact Torsion Screwdriver set With Aluminium Screw Lock £19.99 @ Toolsense
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Posted 25th Nov 2017Posted 25th Nov 2017
DeWalt DT70545T - 34 Piece Impact Torsion Screwdriver set With Aluminium Screw Lock £19.99 @ Toolsense£19.99
Bairgain for less than £20 Best price I seen on ebay at £24.99 and Amazon £25.99 Use these in battery drill driver, had a set but at this price getting a spare can’t go wron

Gort they precision bits for detailed work you looking at. These are impact reinforced very durable long lasting. Use on site and they just keep going For


Strange you said that, I was looking at this today: But didn't like the bad comments on the bits wearing down after one use. I think it may be on the Black Friday deals for about a tenner, it does look good but may as wll look on eBay or Banggood


Thanks, look useful, ordered...oops, oh well :-0


Jimbo like your style lol


Great price ad great set. Wife will be getting me these for Xmas!