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MAKITA DHP485STX5 18v Combi Drill 1x5ah + 101 Accessories £169 at ToolStoreUK
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Posted 22nd FebPosted 22nd Feb
About MAKITA DHP485STX5 18v Combi Drill 1x5ah + 101 Accessories Capacity in Steel: 13 mm No Load Speed (Lo): 0 - 500 rpm No Load Speed (Hi): 0 - 1,900 rpm Capacity in Masonry: 13 m… Read more

Not sure that this is a good deal. Paid £106 a few months back from Howetools. With regards to the bits and drill, I've done a fair amount around the house and honestly can't fault it. Not let me down, but of course, I don't plan to build a house with mine. Can't comment on longevity but so far so good


Rubbish screwdriver and drill bits bits, get ya sens a 2 battery model


Better by a country mile. These bits are cheese anyway.


Would say that's a much more useful useful deal if you use your driil a fair bit


If you don't need the accessories Rexel have a offer for two 5 amp batteries case charger and drill for £155

DEWALT DCS355N 18v Multi-Tool + Accessories + TStak 2 BODY ONLY £99 @ ToolStoreUK
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Posted 8th FebPosted 8th Feb
About DEWALT DCS355N 18v Multi-Tool + Accessories + TStak 2 BODY ONLY Battery chemistry: XR Li-Ion Voltage: 18v Power Output: 300 Watt Oscillations per Minute: 0-20,000 Switch type… Read more

I want the DCS356n but no deals about for that new modal


Just click the "notify me when in stock" that's how I got mine. Delivered yesterday


Keep checking the link as it may become available again


This deal would have been perfect to add to my collection, its a shame its out of stock :(


My grinder does not fit in the case.

MAKITA 632F15-1 BL1850B 18v 5ah Li-ion Battery - £64.68 @ ToolStoreUK
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Posted 21st JanPosted 21st Jan
Seems like a good deal
Get deal*Get deal*

they have shot up in price iv noticed since after Brexit deadline , FFX had the 6amp x3 @£219 before Christmas and they have shot up now , im holding fire to get a bargain in the next few months , voted hot


I think there was an Amazon misprice of a 2-pack for £55 or something (edit, just checked, was £43.99!). As single batteries I’ve seen them at £40-£45 but that was a while ago. The best battery deals I’ve bought have been kits including batteries, the dtd152 + 5Ah for £70 being a good example.


Generally you find these batteries are around 10 quid an amp... That's the sweet spot. Currently though, yours is the best deal I can see. There hasn't been any really decent battery deals this year so far. Every now and again, amazon has crazy deals. They were selling 3 amps for 17quid last year. Amazon Business accounts sometimes get these (5amp)for under 30. It's a lottery though, they sell out super quickly.


Thanks for the reply. So this deal is only £10 more or is £55 the usual price for 5ah? Does anyone know what the lowest ever price has been? Thanks


Historically not a great price but good for how things are at the moment. Have some heat :D

MAKITA DHP482M1JW 18v Combi Drill with 1x4ah Battery - £123.24 delivered @ ToolStoreUK
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Posted 21st JanPosted 21st Jan
Was about to order the same drill from ITS with a 3.0ah battery, for a few extra quid makes sense to go for this one.

This one is not brushless (not a big deal at all at all) and the charger shown in the image (DC18RC) is the fast charger. This drill would be perfect for any DIY stuff and well up to more demanding tasks. And you then have the LXT battery and charger so you can add any further LXT tools to your arsenal by buying them as body-only (y)


Looking at getting a decent drill for some real basic DIY stuff at home. Can anyone tell me if they're brushless? And if the charger is the quick charge version?


For what it's worth, I bought the Makita 482 for DIY last year, and really appreciated the difference in quality between this professional tool and a home hobby one. I'm confident it'll last me for a very long time indeed.


I over-research everything and the DHP482 seemed to be the recommended DIY Makita drill. It's marginally more expensive than the G-Series, CXT drills and the much weaker DHP453. Any of those probably would have been grand for what I'm doing but better to have the extra power and not need it. Should also say my dad's a joiner so have been round Makita tools all my life and they've never seemed to go wrong for him.


Any good guys ? I'm not bob the builder but I'm Sam from IT

4x MAKITA 821551-8 Type 3 Connector Case £64.12 ToolStoreUK
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Posted 15th JanPosted 15th Jan
These are £16.03 each but to get free delivery add 4 to basket totalling to £64.12 for 4 cases Delivery is really fast too. I have order from these a few times previously
Get deal*Get deal*

try WD40 for removing sticker residue


I've invested in another cordless range and don't have any have Makita myself unfortunately, but there is no doubt this is is a great deal for for one of the better stackable power tool cases/systainers. I have about 15 x Bosch Professional cases but IMHO, they are not as robust as the Makita cases. Just a shame there's no deals on Mirka/Tanos systainers. (skeptical)


Best price they've been I believe


I always chirp up saying the same. The most frustrating thing is they've always been crap, everyone knows they're crap, yet Makita still haven't bothered to change. Metaloc cases are compatible with these, yet only require a single clip to lock multiple cases together.


These are terrible poorly made . Clips are rubbish. I spent 250 in 2018 on these Mac pac cases now I use them for fitting as they are so terrible. No ease of use at all. Makita need to seriously re design Don’t waste your money

Makita 821551-8 Type 3 Connector Case (4 Pack) £64.12 @ ToolStore UK
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Posted 11th JanPosted 11th Jan
To try and explain this deal, the decent saving only really comes when you buy the type 3 box in bulk to pass the £50 threshold for free delivery with ToolStore. I have given the 4… Read more

Had mine delivered today. Speedy delivery and well packed. One thing I did notice is that the catches seem alot easier on these compared to my other MakPac's. I'm wondering if Makita (or their box supplier) have sorted the issue with forming lines left on the catches.


Absolute junk


Oos again


Just ordered back in stock


Yes they do an official trolley but I think it's rather expensive for what it is. £70 ish in most places. I was thinking about building my own and adding some castors to it. Another idea I saw was to use a cheap Rectangular Dolly Trolley and screw clips to the base of it. They're doing a Dolly Trolley for ten quid in Aldi at the moment. The clips are another tenner off eBay I think.