Tooltec Multi Function cuts, sands and grinds £29.99 @ Netto

Tooltec Multi Function cuts, sands and grinds £29.99 @ Netto

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Found 3rd May 2010
all in one multi functional tool similar to Bosch PMF 180E All Rounder - might be an ok substitute.

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Just watched a few vids of the Bosch in action. Neat bit of kit. I shall be buying one of these tomorrow

should be fine its the blades that are an issue the bosch ones were expensive and really hard to find. i think b&q have started to stock them now tho. Still not cheap

I have a multi tool but have broken some of the blades. How do I get replacements ?

I bought a 24v battery drill & I want to know were i can get two moor from as the other two will no longer charge . I am willing to pay for them thank you PS It is the green Tooltec one

Just broken my multi tool on its first use. 2 of the 4 tool holding pins have broken off . Not a good start.

Have you been able to replace pins if so how? I had same problem?

i find all my multitool replacement blades on
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