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Black (or blue) toughened glass bathroom scales. RRP £19.99, Tooltime £6.99 inc delivery
Found 12th Nov 2017Found 12th Nov 2017
Black toughened glass bathroom scales made by Salter. RRP £19.99, Tooltime £6.99 inc delivery. Blue here:… Read more
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That's terrible, you'll just have to pick the kids up yourself.


Mine arrived. What a load of rubbish !. When I stand on it my weight fluctuates by 10kg and it does not pick up the children at all. What a wasted of money. Have complained to tooltime.


Arrived 4 days after ordering. Asda boxed but Salter confirmed they make it and honour 15 year warranty


I ordered these as they were supposed to be Salter! Just received them they are Home George ASDA and price on the box is £10! Misleading or what?!


if u wanna know bodyfat place them in front of a mirror (horror)

Silverline fine-tip 15w Soldering Iron £5.87 Delivered from Amazon sold by tool time
Found 22nd Apr 2016Found 22nd Apr 2016
Decent price for this item including delivery plus Amazon's customer service record. Obviously not professional-standard equipment but should be good if you just need to do the o… Read more

I read that as "this will deffo do the Lobster" Don't forget the garlic butter!


Alright, my cut and shut just got its life extended. This will defo do the jobster.


The op`s description is actually correct... FREE delivery without Prime


That's just crazy. Hopefully you got at least a refund and an apology from the seller or the manufacturer. That could really have hurt someone. (Note that I was going to say that's just nuts but I didn't want to make a crap pun. :D)


I wouldn't buy cheap mains stuff on ebay! I doubt it is much cop, but here's a cheapo 60W one on CPC, but would need to spend an extra £1.50 to get over the £5 minimum spend for fee delivery :- If you buy a cheap soldering iron check the bit stays firmly secure when it is hot. I bought a cheap 50w iron some years ago from Tilgear, and despite tightening the grub screw that held the tip when it was both cold then hot, the tip fell out and bounced off the item I was soldering. It fell over the side of the bench and burnt through the crutch of my trousers, just missing my vitals. It then slide down the leg, and burn out at the knee. I was lucky I just got a light burn down the inside of my right leg and several holes in a vacuum cleaner hose which was the next thing it hit, plus a ruined pair of trousers and a slightly scorched shoe. Turned out the tip was made of iron and no matter how tight the screw was, the tip would contract enough to fall out whenever it was touched on metal.

4 way outdoor brass tap £17.99 from  Tooltime
Found 2nd May 2015Found 2nd May 2015
Solid Brass 4 Way Outside Garden Tap Multi Adaptor this is ideal if you have water timers and still need to use the hoze if you add FREE5 you get free shipping which should be £3.… Read more
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I have the Aldi one, really handy as I have two hoses for different ends of the garden. 4 is overkill for my garden.


They have 2 way brass ones in Aldi for £3.99 at the moment.


available normally on fleebay for £1 more delivered if you want them another time

£30 'Tools' for £1! + £5.99 P&P @ Tooltime
Found 28th Feb 2015Found 28th Feb 2015
Tooltime are offering 10 tools for £1. Some of it is quirky but you can't go wrong for a coin!
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Comment Silly. It's not 'old' it's new!! ;)


Load of old crap. Cold.


I would not trust my phone in a "waterproof" bag that costs 10p.


10 items from Poundland wouldn't be a lot more!

Memorex 2 Hour Express Ni-Cd AA Battery Charger + 4 AA 800Mah Batteries £3.99 @ Tooltime with free delivery
Found 14th Aug 2014Found 14th Aug 2014
Memorex 2 Hour Express Ni-Cd AA Battery Charger + 4 AA 800Mah Batteries With Ni-Mh overtaking Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries in terms of popularity, it is becoming increasingly diff… Read more

Sorry but I'm going to have to call BS, most R/C batteries are Ni-MH. e.g.


God I had this same model in the 80's - took AGES to chage,


Not bad for £4, great for 360 controllers. So tempting to order :(


the batteries have a terrible capacity at 800mah you can get this from aaa's these days.


This looks like chargers from the 90's! Retro!

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Portable Pop Up Beach Shelter Sun Canopy was £29.99 now £7.99 delivered at tooltime
Found 5th Aug 2014Found 5th Aug 2014
Portable Pop Up Beach Shelter Sun Canopy This Pop-Up Beach Shelter is ideal for putting up quickly when you get to the beach. Just take out of the carry case and it will pop-up. A… Read more
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ridiculous rrp. You can get the bottom part without the sun shelter at poundland.


Protection from the sun? With that! LOL Definitely go with a beach tent, with pegs, they pack down pretty small and are around the same price as this.


this is really **** and extreamly small we bought one for our hols and wasnt big enough for our yorkshire terrier!




It's a tenner on their ebay site and the RRP is lower, naughty :-/

30 Litre MOLLE Army Style Tactical Assault Backpack -- Tooltime Was £29.99, only £12.99 inc FREE SHIPPING
Found 5th Aug 2014Found 5th Aug 2014
Got a tooltime offers email this morning and this one stood out for me. From £29.99 to £12.99 for a 30l backpack is a very good price, better given the free carriage! Pasted deta… Read more
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Same here. It's absolutely tiny.


pheonixvix These is a ridiculously bad deal. I spend a great deal of time outdoors in the uk, walking, fishing and hunting and have a assortment of packs including two of these. They are poorly made copies and are not fit for any thing more than throwing your gym gear in and maybe a bottle of water, or for you'r kids to use for their school kit. They wear out very easily and can not hold any real weight without the cheap plastic buckles popping open or the stitching on the nylon shoulder straps tearing. The webbing on the front pouches is not of a uniform size either so can not properly accommodate additional molle pouches easily..... mine just arrived 5 minutes ago...its really really small...about the same size as my kids superhero backpacks for school....30litre size?.....if i go to a garden center a 30 litre bag of compost is twice the size of this bag...dissapointed is not the word..


You're spot on, seen that previously. Now the company on eBay have pumped up the price to £14.99 & £2.00 delivery = £16.99 within a day ! That's a heavy hike on their part !


Worth to check Andy_121 post, mate. Link.


Yes, I can confirm, it's gone up now on ebay to £11.99 delivered and black one is £12.99.

10 items for £1.99 (Spend £19.99 for free del, otherwise it is £5.99) @ Tooltime
Found 3rd Oct 2013Found 3rd Oct 2013
items are 1 of each of the following... FM Scan Radio Pen 8" Stainless Steel Laser Guided Scissors Pack of 12 x 1.5g Tubes of One Shot Super Glue Handy Reuseable Hand Shaped Gel … Read more

Not if you buy some of the other bundles Just imagine how much, why the hell did I buy this, fun you can have.


So it's really £7.98.


Laser guided scissors? Get me some of those!

12 items for £1.00 + £5.99. P&P @ tooltime
Found 21st Sep 2013Found 21st Sep 2013
These are all brand new products and usually end of line items that we have some stock left of... Free delivery if ordered over £19.99 Or Delivery is £5.99 1 x Led Key Light - ra… Read more
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chav tastic


Perfect...that's the wife's Xmas stocking sorted then...cheers OP :)


And with a title like that, I thought it was a deal for iPhone users ;)


Tempted but I'd probably just end up with a hundred screws.... Then again, I'd love that ;)

Silverline 100 Piece Screwdriver Bit Set - £5.51 at Amazon/Tooltime
Found 31st Aug 2013Found 31st Aug 2013
Free delivery if purchased from Tooltime otherwise FREE Super Saver Delivery in the UK on orders over £10 with Amazon Seems a decent price for a 100 piece bit set at only £5.51 d… Read more

Showing as £6.78 now !


There are reasons security bits are used on toasters and kettles rather than normal screws as none of us want to get electrocuted by a botched up repair.


I've found Silverline pretty good. I bought a Silverline diamond cutting disk for a fraction of the price of competitors disks and it cut through several meters of granite worktop with barely any wear. It might depend on what tool you get from them but some of their tools are really high quality.


If bought just for the security bits to mend your kettle, toaster, or whatever it is you want to mend then these are ok but use with hand driver as power will bust em, although a new kettle and toaster is probs just as cheap!


Caveat emptor actually means buyer beware...

All-in-One High Speed USB 2.0 Memory Card Reader 0.99p FREE DELIVERY @ tooltime
Found 27th Jul 2013Found 27th Jul 2013
Hello dear friends! I have been checking your awesome deals here so thought I would share something interesting I stumbled upon today :) This all in one memory card going for only … Read more
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hmmm, not sure too, but i will check as soon as i get it.


Cheap, but I don't think it can read Sdhc sdxc cards.

Purple - on hob - whistling kettle £13.99 from Tooltime - Store Pick-up free
Found 18th Jun 2013Found 18th Jun 2013
Add £5.99 for home delivery. This 3.5 Litre Metallic Purple Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle will add a touch of class to any kitchen. It is suitable for gas, electric or inductio… Read more

Depends what you mean by efficient. Less heat goes into the water than with an electric kettle, but if it's on a gas ring then there hasn't been an inefficient step of converting (mostly) fossil fuels into electricity in the first place - and the cost to you will be similar (at least for mains gas).


The Mrs. whistles when my tea's ready anyway.


[url=3.5 LITRE STAINLESS STEEL WHISTLING KETTLE PURPLE]£13.89 with free delivery at amazon[/url]


Cold for me as i bought similar one but 2.5L capacity much cheaper from Amazon at half of the price u guys are willing to pay here. £6.88 £7.48 £6.89 purple kettle


Thanks, ordered 6 of these and 6 portable gas hobs. Going on Britains Got Talent as the first musical kettle whistler.

Clearance items @ Tooltime with free delivery over £19.99
Found 4th Jun 2013Found 4th Jun 2013
To be honest if you need some DIY items etc it is not worth spending less than £19.99 otherwise postage is a whopping £5.99!!! If you do need some DIY / garden stuff etc the price… Read more

Hot a lot of effort cheers will have a look


hot just for the effort you put in.


Heat some good deals


Heat for the effort - and for some good bargains!


The clearance prices seem to be the normal prices in the the likes of B&M and pound stores. Not voted as many people on here do not have easy access to those types of stores.

Tooltime bargain - 10 things for 10p ! ! ! (£5.99 postage)
Found 4th Oct 2012Found 4th Oct 2012
10 Products for 10 Pence YES WE HAVE DONE IT AGAIN ! - we have discounted this bundle so each item is 1p! Simply add to your cart, and we'll send you 1 of each of the products b… Read more

Looks like TT has bought a load of tat from Poundland, realised the huge fail, then decided to partially recoup costs by flogging it on !


Im sure it'll feature on Watchdog soon with Tesco etc :-P


Flipping annoying 'deal' to be honest as 1p each & then whack a £5.99 postage charge on top , dunno why they bother with these fake 'deals' , sorry but some retailers do irritate me :p


Did this last year, took a long time to arrive and most of the stuff was cheap low quality. Definitely would not waste my time and money with this people. You learn from your mistakes.


Don't waste your money on this rubbish because that's what it is.

16 Function Bike / Bicycle Lcd Wireless Computer £6.50 (p+p from free to £4.99) @ tooltime
Found 7th May 2012Found 7th May 2012
16 Function Bike / Bicycle Lcd Wireless Computer This Wireless Multi Functional Cycle Speedometer is easy to install, and allows accurate measurements of your work rate/progress… Read more
mrfishey looks the same to me and even cheaper at £4.79

gratisaja same seller 3p cheaper on ebay

10 Tool Items for £1.00 plus £4.99 delivery using code 9£DY @ tooltime
Found 27th Apr 2012Found 27th Apr 2012
10 items For £5.99 incuding postage. could be useful !!!! 5 X All Purpose Medium Grit Sand Paper Sanding Sheets 1 x Rubber Mallet - Ideal for tent pegs 1 x 125mm Rubber Disc Bac… Read more
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Turned up today


Anyone got their parcel yet. No sign of mine yet, no emails rec'd.


10 items for 10 pence YES ! - we have discounted this bundle so each item is 1p. Simply add to your cart, and we'll send you 1 of each of the products below , with an RRP ranging from £0.99 to £12.99 , total value £41.90 originally. Really??? Wonder which item was RRP £12.99. Answers on a postcard please! These are all brand new products and usually end of line items that we have some stock left of... 1 x Belkin Micro Thin 'Contour' Acrylic Case For 4g Ipod Nano 1 x Pair of Smiling Feet Kiwi Gel Pad - Heel Cushions 1 x Inflatable Beach Bag 1 x Solar / Battery Powered Pocket Calculator 1 x Pull-N-Twist Separating Valet Key Ring 1 x Bullet Key Ring Torch 1 x Pen Hand Sanitiser Travel Spray 1 x 3 Function Stainless Steel Key Ring Pocket Knife 1 x Palm Tree Car Air Freshener 1 x Soft Grip (colour of grip varies) Retractable Ball Point Pen - Black Ink


Nice spot. slipped up myself there. :p


Don't forget the free gloves makes it 11 items. Maybe the quality is not fantastic, but compare some of the prices on ebay, and it's not such a cold deal really.:p

Bargain basement deals 99p or less at
Found 18th Mar 2012Found 18th Mar 2012
Over 300 products at 99p or less, selection below 30 Function Bike / Bicycle Multi-Tool & Tyre Repair Kit TT0018 was £8.99 now £0.99 5 Function Pocket Knife Key Ring was £1.99 … Read more

Some of this stuff is exactly the same as you'd find in poundland or 99p stores etc... however there are some amazingly good value flat satin switches... which are worth much more than 99p each - presume it's because of the colour which isn't the best Therefore hot from me...


Also - Postage £3.99 or free if spending £25 or over.