Top Gear Triple Book Set £8.69 delivered with code @ The Toy Shop RRP £19.99
Top Gear Triple Book Set £8.69 delivered with code @ The Toy Shop RRP £19.99

Top Gear Triple Book Set £8.69 delivered with code @ The Toy Shop RRP £19.99

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Three awesome Top Gear books featuring things to make and do; Model-Making Kit Amphibious Car Challenge, Cool Wall Poster Book and The Challenges Sticker Activity Book. A great gift for Top Gear fans young and old.

Top Gear Cool Wall Poster Book
Build your own Cool Wall using the 84cm pull out for you to stick over 40 reusable stickers featuring Uncool cars through to Sub-Zero cars.

We all know it doesn't really matter how fast a car is or where it's made; what matters is whether it's cool or not. And there's only one judge, and it's not Richard Hammond. He's too short to reach the real cool wall. So here's your own wall where you can be judge, jury and Jeremy. And you don't even have to be tall to use it.

Quotes featured in the Top Gear Cool Wall Poster Book include:
# "This one is so scary, we think it's cool" Jeremy.
# "It is uncool! It's trying too hard." Hammond.
# "It's a very brilliant car and that is the end of it. Yes I am right." Jeremy.
# "It's like pressing a button on a beautifully crafted watch... and all the volcanoes in the world erupt!" Hammond.
# "It's like putting a Saturn V rocket in a food blender!" Jeremy.
# "Once you start driving like an Italian this starts to make more sense." May.

The Top Gear Challenges Sticker Activity Book
Comes with over 60 stickers.

Jeremy, Richard and James have been given some pretty ridiculous challenges on Top Gear: turn a Robin Reliant into a space shuttle; turn cars into boats; restage the World Cup with cars. Some results have been better than others...

Quotes from the TV show include: "This list of things that could go wrong is enormous..." Hammond. "...and if any one of them goes wrong..." May.

Relive the fun, with loads of things to do; quizes, crosswords and wordsearches, maze and board games, plus over 60 stickers.

Activities include
# Car Biathlon Dash
# Mountain Discovery!
# Captain Slow Goes Fast!
# Who Said That?
# True or False?
# Bugatti Veyron Vs Cessna Aircraft
# Rubbish 70s Super Cars Super Quiz
# Caravan Conkers
# Stretch Limo Crossword
# Space Shuttle Shuffle
# Ice-Cool Anagrams
# Spot the Dampervan
# Quick Draw
# Get Splatted!
# Small-car Soccer
# Giraffes and Dust Trails

Model-Making Kit Amphibious Car Challenge

Remember when the Top Gear boys were presented with the amphibious challenge? The water-friendly vehicles they produced were - how shall we put this? - possibly not that sea-worthy...

Follow the Top Gear step-by-step instruction manual and build your very own card model car-boats; Jeremy's Toybota, Richard's Damper Van and James' Triumph Herald car sailing boat! These 3D models are approx 30cm long by 8cm wide and up to 24cm high.

The Model-Making Kit Amphibious Car Challenge features quotes from the 3 presenters;

"I've bought a camper van which I'm going to turn into a houseboat. Of sorts." Hammond.

"Why not just get a car and put an outboard motor on the back?" Jeremy.

"Instead of using the engine to power it on the water, I'm going to fit it with a mast and some sails." James. "One observation I would have... sailing's really boring!"

Top Gear Triple Book Set is a great gift for boys of any age! The perfect Christmas present for Top Gear fans!
Age: 5 years +
Product #: 402669

* Model-Making Kit Instruction Manual
* Cards with push out pieces to create 3 Amphibious Cars
* Activity Book
* Over 60 stickers
* Cool Wall Poster Book
* Cool Wall Poster
* 40 reusable stickers for your Cool Wall


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