Top Gun - Blu Ray - £2.04 Delivered @ Select Cheaper !!
Top Gun - Blu Ray - £2.04 Delivered @ Select Cheaper !!

Top Gun - Blu Ray - £2.04 Delivered @ Select Cheaper !!

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As per title!


Only 1 in stock. Whats the point of this deal, will have to be expired when thats sold!

1 in stock so be quick!

Original Poster


1 in stock so be quick!

Should go on back order once sold anyway :thumbsup:

It' appears to be in the DVD section? not BluRay

Managed to order it.

Great deal, cheers!


Managed to order it.Great deal, cheers!:thumbsup:

so did i....?


That's usually the case with Select Cheaper

So worth checking back; if you notice it back in stock please let us know so we can unexpire


so did i....?

These minor companies keep doing this. Hopefully ne of you got it but I suspect the other will have to get a refund as they will have charged straight away and will be slow to pay you back. CDWOW is worst for this.

i got it! or at least my order is complete cheers

Black Rain was same price (£2.04) but now also OOS
Days of thunder was £1.56 OOS
4 Brothers £1.58 OOS
Mission Impossible £1.58 OOS
Mission Impossible 2 £1.58 OOS
Mission Impossible 3 £1.60 OOS
World Trade Centre £1.60 OOS
Event Horizon £1.56 OOS
Cloverfield £1.71 OOS
Friday the 13th £1.56 OOS
The Ruins £1.56 OOS
Shrek the third £1.58....you guessed it OOS

Whizzkid, you're on a roll my man.

yeah I got it too.. hmm...

i got it as well! no email confirmation yet though

Managed to order Black Rain as well.

Well..... let's see what happens.

some of these blu rays are avaliable from select cheaper throught play trade.

I'll tell you what will happen....
They will take the money out of your account the instant you order, then you'll be waiting weeks for it, and you'll be constantly e-mailing and phoning them whereby they'll keep promising it should be despatched soon. In the end you'll be so peed of with waiting you make another phone call to cancel the order and have to wait about 5 or 6 days for the money back in your account.
This was what happened with the last cheap DVD i ordered from them.... useless company.
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