Top Gun Special Collectors Edition DVD £2.99 + 5% off & 5% Quidco

Top Gun Special Collectors Edition DVD £2.99 + 5% off & 5% Quidco

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Found 21st Jul 2007
When you feel the need for speed, there`s only one place to go - Top Gun, the Navy`s elite training ground for the best jet fighter pilots in the world, and the high-octane smash-hit that defined a new breed of movie blockbuster. In the breakthrough role that turned him into the world`s biggest superstar, Tom Cruise is Maverick, the pilot who flies by instinct rather than the rules and who there is no room for second -best. Kelly McGillis co-stars as the civilian instructor who finds himself developing more than a professional interesting the hotshot who finds herself developing more than a professional interest in the hotshot flyer, with Anthony Edwards as he Radar Intercept Officer `Goose`, and Val Kilmer as his by-the-book arch `Iceman`. Filmed on location at `Fightertown USA` - the real `Top Gun` Fighter Weapons School - and using real F-41 Tomcat jets and real Top Gun pilots to capture the most exciting aerial footage ever shot , it`s a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants ride you`ll never forget. With spectacular dogfights in the air, burning romance on the ground, larger-than-life characters and a smash-hit soundtrack of 80`s classics that will take your breath away, Top Gun is up there with the best of the best!


I ordered this and went on hukd but youve posted this already oh well

Plot, dialogue, casting are well iffy. (and Cruise can't ride a bike). But the music and flight scenes make up for it!! Voting hot

Lol ive never seen it and thouht hey whats £3

thanks - i love this film. have ordered it - great price!!

Great film.

soz but was a teenager when this came out and i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
already got it but great price

Hmm...back up to 15 squid now :-( just as I was going to buy!


Lol ive never seen it and thouht hey whats £3

have you been hiding under a rock? :-D

it's classicly bad movie but somehow i find myself wanting to buy it and i know i'd watch it

Woo hoo, Jesters dead. Yeeeehaaw !!

Bad movie?!?! Bad movie?!?!?!?:w00t:

An all time classic!!
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