Top Gun: Special Edition (2 Discs) - £3.99 @ HMV
Top Gun: Special Edition (2 Discs) - £3.99 @ HMV

Top Gun: Special Edition (2 Discs) - £3.99 @ HMV

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When you feel the need for speed, there's only one place to go - Top Gun, the Navy's elite training ground for the best jet fighter pilots in the world, and the high-octane smash-hit that defined a new breed of movie blockbuster. In the breakthrough role that turned him into the world's biggest superstar, Tom Cruise is Maverick, the pilot who flies by instinct rather than the rules and who there is no room for second -best. Kelly McGillis co-stars as the civilian instructor who finds himself developing more than a professional interesting the hotshot who finds herself developing more than a professional interest in the hotshot flyer, with Anthony Edwards as he Radar Intercept Officer 'Goose', and Val Kilmer as his by-the-book arch 'Iceman'.

Filmed on location at 'Fightertown USA' - the real 'Top Gun' Fighter Weapons School - and using real F-41 Tomcat jets and real Top Gun pilots to capture the most exciting aerial footage ever shot , it's a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants ride you'll never forget. With spectacular dogfights in the air, burning romance on the ground, larger-than-life characters and a smash-hit soundtrack of 80's classics that will take your breath away, Top Gun is up there with the best of the best!


Hot, you gotta love Topgun

my fave movie. I've not got the special edition...

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If you like the movie, it's an excellent edition to get. 6.1 surround sound, anamorphic picture enhanced for widescreen TVs (the previous edition isn't), commentaries and loads of features. The only notable absence is the theatrical trailer.

Film Brain, you can be my wingman anytime.

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Cheers for that, rod!

Oh, and before anyone asks, just because the film is a 12 now instead of a 15 doesn't mean it's cut - the BBFC simply downgraded the film.

:santa: Voted mega hot....I know it's a 12 but this is our 6 year old's favourite movie, he can't get enough of it, and his video version got chewed up by our video player, so he'll be over the moon with this :thumbsup:

what a film

My favourite film of all time! The surround sound is fantastic............ You need to live in a detached house though ;-)
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