Top quality Easter Eggs incl Mugs for £7 (in store)

Top quality Easter Eggs incl Mugs for £7 (in store)

Found 4th Apr 2007
Lots of different brands (Dairy Milk, Walnut whip, Kit kat) etc with those really nice chunky Mugs included, who can resist the change to advertise the fact they like chocolate every time they have a coffee ;-)


Are these 2 for £7? They seem expensive at £7 each?

And are they the same size as the ones Asda are doing at 2 for £6?

Couldn't seem to find any more info on the woolies site so assume it's instore only?

Chocolate per £ is pretty low though! :giggle:

Its all about the chocolate!!


yeah i think it is instore only, i have seen it there and it is 2 for £7

its same offer as asda (asda cheaper) but more choice at woolworths than you can get at supermarkets, like the look of the walnut whip one and better for waistline to get a mug rather than loads of chocolate hehe
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