Top Spec Dell Dimension 9200 with 22"TFT, 2.4Ghz E6600 CPU,  2gig, 500Gb, 8800GTX Graphics £1200 or

Top Spec Dell Dimension 9200 with 22"TFT, 2.4Ghz E6600 CPU, 2gig, 500Gb, 8800GTX Graphics £1200 or

Found 29th Mar 2007
This is a magazine review sample so top spec, buy via Quidco for further cashback savings

305-D04927r - £1,198.99 or less delivered
Intel® Viiv Core 2 Duo E6600 Processor (2.4GHz, 1066MHz, 4MB)
Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium - English
Collect & Return, 1 Year Service only
Dell 22" Black Wide Flat Panel (E228WFP)
2048MB Dual Channel DDR2 667MHz [2x1024] Memory
500GB Serial ATA RAID 0 Stripe [2x250GB 7200rpm drives with DataBurst cache]
SINGLE 768MB nVidia® GeForce® 8800 GTX graphics card
16x DVD+/-RW & 16x DVD Drives
Dell 2 Button USB Scroll Optical Mouse - Black
IEEE 1394 PCI Adapter card
Sound Blaster® X-Fi Xtreme Music PCI Soundcard
Dell WL6000 5.1 Speaker System with Wireless surround speakers
Internal 13-in-1 Media Card Reader
Microsoft® Works 8.0 - English


It certainly is a bit of a beast, price seems reasonable too. In fact it could be a good deal if that Xi-Fi and those speakers cost a bit if you were to buy separate, never checked myself.

With the 8800 in there its a good price but you can do it for less by buying a lesser Dimension 9200 and throwing in your own speakers xifi and gfx. (works out for same price you can get as above but E6700 processor so 2.66ghz using the DimensionTM 9200 (D04925A) Configuration. Depends on exact needs of course.

as with the other 9200 worth considering
640GB Serial ATA RAID 0 Stripe [2x320GB 7200rpm drives with DataBurst™ cache] [add £29.38 or £1/month1]

140gb extra for under £30.

Other than that short of going for an E6700 (which is a well overpriced upgrade) or going quadcore, you wont get a better home pc than this.

Great Deal this. Especially considering it's a GTX 8800 and not the lesser GT or GTS models.

Just for my own comparison I did a quick froogle search on all the products choosing low or lowest prices and came up at around the £1000 mark for building this yourself. This was before anything like cases, power supplies, cooling solutions etc, and before delivery costs from the multiple vendors you would need to go to to get best prices. So adding all that up too I would expect you'd easily break the £1200 mark.


] about this baby....quad core is the future.

Shame about the GTS card + the price though.

For 99% of apps this will run as fast.. few programs use the 4 cores yet
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