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Top Tech 1800W Pressure Washer with Internal Detergent Tank 135 Ba - £44.99 with code @ Euro Car Parts

£44.99£71.9837% off
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Top Tech 1800W Pressure Washer with Internal Detergent Tank 135 BarThe Top Tech 1800W Pressure washer with Internal Detergent Tank is ideal for a range of jobs, from cleaning your vehicle to patios, decking and BBQs. With a powerful 1800W air-cooled motor producing up to 135 bar of pressure, and a built-in stop-start system, the unit also comes with an integrated detergent tank – simply pour your chosen cleaning fluid into the tank to easily apply to wherever you are using the pressure washer.
  • Internal detergent tank: simply pour your chosen cleaning fluid straight into the unit to apply it to wherever you are using it – no need for external bottles
  • On-unit storage: keep all the included tools close to hand by clipping them into the back of the pressure washer
  • Built-in stop-start system: only operates when the trigger is squeezed to protect the life of the motor
  • Included accessories: 1 x high pressure gun, 1 x spray lance, 1 x 5m high pressure hose
Euro Car Parts More details at Euro Car Parts
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  1. ZanderKaneUK_'s avatar
    Any idea on the litres per minute figure?
    Looks like an alto fitting so spare triggers / accessories on zom Bay should be easy to find.
    scuzzlebutt's avatar
    I have one of these, it's Lavor / Lavorwash fittings it needs.
  2. Hunt4deal's avatar
    this one vs Karcher K2 Universal Car 1400W? Which one is better? Any advice please
    kmirza's avatar
    If this one got metal pump then yes. K2 is plastic pump but you get 2 years warranty
  3. Loveabargain99's avatar
    Bought this last week just waiting for the negative comments before I decide to keep it or not.
    scuzzlebutt's avatar
    I've had one of these for a few years now, it's been great, only issue is the tip of the nozzle you have to pull forward to get the built in detergent tank to work is really stiff, you have to lever it with a screwdriver. Good reliability and decent pressure.
  4. fk221's avatar
    Code doesn't seem to be working for me
  5. Wombl3's avatar
    Can anyone tell me if the internal detergent tank works with snow foam? Thanks.
    Kevin_GHs's avatar

    No you need a lance (edited)
  6. Bazwaa's avatar
    Can you get a snow foam attachment for this? I've got one from a couple of years ago and it's been decent, be handy to have a snow foam attachment rather than use the tank
    scuzzlebutt's avatar
    You can get a foam cannon to fit but you will need to buy the correct adapter, a Lavor / Lavorwash male adapter fitted to your foam cannon allows you to undo the supplied lance at the halfway point and fit up the foam cannon.
    The built in detergent tank is ideal for finishing your wash off with a rinse aid wax. (edited)
  7. MaxxHaze's avatar
    If its anything to go by, picked the 1400w version up for £25 last week and it's decent enough so imagine this would be also.
  8. Kevin_GHs's avatar
    Had this for 3yrs ,good cleaning car and slabs ,ok for the price.
    farmphdbank's avatar
    Does it suck water out of a rain water butt please? (Product specification doesn't say..)
  9. DoughBalls's avatar
    Needed to buy a nozzle for outdoor tap. At this price its just as cheap to buy a pressure washer Collecting tomorrow
    faceache's avatar
    get plastic even if not last all that long, metal one put on our tap less than 12 months ago is never going to come off without me likely breaking the supply pipe. Maybe it's just me.
  10. simbaa's avatar
    Ordered thanks OP.
    Can this be connected to an external hose pipe to extend the length?
  11. ysyer2002's avatar
    It is £49.99 for me (the Code 'SAVE' does not work).
  12. dbond1803's avatar
    Code doesn't work
  13. jurassic_park's avatar
    I believe the code was until midnight last night.
  14. WLH06506's avatar
    Does anyone know if this will fit?


    I know it says fits karcher only but why would top tech make one that’s not compatible with its own machine?
    MaxxHaze's avatar
    I would suspect it doesn't fit. Karcher attachments are different. I tried when I got my 1400w at the weekend and they don't fit. The detergent bottle attachment I got bundled with mine has its own nozzle and isn't an inline variant for use with the lance. I'm wondering if it can be used as a snow foamer. (edited)
  15. amjad146's avatar
    CODE not valid
  16. andywedge's avatar
    Thanks for posting and well done on your first hotukdeals thread
  17. dbond1803's avatar
    Just had a go of this. Well powerful enough to do your patio/driveway and the car. Great bit of kit.

    Wouldn't mind the reel shown in the manual, to store the lead.
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