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Posted 5 October 2022

Top Tech Portable 12v Vacuum 90w Wet and Dry Use £2.69 Click & Collect @ Euro Car Parts

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Top Tech Portable 12v Vacuum 90w Wet and Dry UseOur Top Tech Hand held hoover is ideal for cleaning all the day to day dirt which is trapped inside your car.
Euro Car Parts More details at Euro Car Parts
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  1. Avatar
    These are rubbish IMO the suction is just not good enough from a 12v car battery but nice find for this price heat added (edited)
    my 12v I bought from Lidl is perfect and does my car fine
  2. Avatar
    Only 2 reviews saying not to buy, has anyone got one with positive reviews?
    Nope, save your money. (edited)
  3. Avatar
    Shocking reviews. Was about to buy it until I read the reviews. What a shame 😞
    Get one from Aldi or lidl
  4. Avatar
    I though my Henry vacuum cleaner was good but this blows the socks off it!
    I have so far have Managed to vacuum up one whole granule of sugar with out any issue whatsoever.
    Although it did cause it to smoke a little bit to be expected with such a very well engineered piece of equipment..
  5. Avatar
    Might as well use a straw
  6. Avatar
    Platic waste aqt it's best
  7. Avatar
    How much did it cost to make this thing, let alone ship and stock
    The time it take for the lovely team at ECP to get the item from the back will cost more than £2.69.
  8. Avatar
    I'm sure I got one of these in a Christmas cracker one year
  9. Avatar
    It says "Best seller"
  10. Avatar
    Purchased. With this price I will give a try. I am sure it is useful. Thanks Op for posting.
  11. Avatar
    This thing sucks
    As it supposed to?
  12. Avatar
    Needed a new plug for my cool box, this is cheaper than buying just a plug.
  13. Avatar
    Good for cobwebs and dust.
    Maybe even for the big runny spiders in September? Boy, those big fellas with the boxing gloves on can fight!
  14. Avatar
    Probably good for cleaning up inside computers.
  15. Avatar
    Thanks. heat added

    ordered a "Few"
  16. Avatar
    Just got this. Beats my Dyson V248 Absolute easily. Heat.
  17. Avatar
    At that price, I reckon you are likely to get better suction from a hamster that's been punched in the boys...
  18. Avatar
    Better off using a McDonald's Paper straw attached to your nostril
  19. Avatar
    You could probably such harder than a McDonalds paper straw.
  20. Avatar
    The puff of an old Welsh miner.
  21. Avatar
    yeah why not even ask for a 5 year guarantee with free home servicing for £2.69
  22. Avatar
    I have a very similar one which I employ to get Spiders 🕷️ in my home, then discard them on the garden, very useful.
  23. Avatar
    Looks identical to one I bought in Aldi several months ago. Was absolutely useless and ended up in the bin.
  24. Avatar
    No good for a car way to weak, however at this price handy for electronics (PC Towers, Keyboards etc)
    Yep just need a 12v battery to carry around now
  25. Avatar
    theses are crap dont matter how much you spend stick to hoovers
  26. Avatar
    Looks like something off Tomorrow's World in the 70s
  27. Avatar
    Mmmm, wet use!
  28. Avatar
    Good suction if you take the attachment off and fits like a glove I’ve heard from a friend 🫣
  29. Avatar
    £11.49 today!!
  30. Avatar
    How longs the warranty on this ?
    I’m guessing 1 hour..? (edited)