Top Trumps Doctor Who (Wii) - £5.99 @ HMV

Top Trumps Doctor Who (Wii) - £5.99 @ HMV


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Heat added!:)

i suppose if you have a kid who is Dr Who mad this is alright, but I'd seriously just buy the actual cards over this as every TT game i've had the 'pleasure' of experiencing has been downright awful!

and how exactly is this a deal in any way ???? ...never mind being hot

How the hell do you play Top Trumps on the Wii?

well its a deal because it's the cheapest price currently for it, by about 2 quid, so if you want it, it's helpful.

i only struggle with the thought of why anyone would want it

Bottom trumps from me.

Good price bad game

I have the original Doctor Who Top Trumps from the 70's. 8-)

In store (Epsom) it was £5. Along with Ninja Reflex.

I got this for £3 in Tesco for PS2

Well it would have helped 2 weeks ago.. I bought for £11 something in Argos for a birthday present!... so much cheaper than what I paid
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