Top Trumps - Indiana Jones only £1.58 @ Amazon!

Top Trumps - Indiana Jones only £1.58 @ Amazon!

Found 13th Dec 2008Made hot 13th Dec 2008
Free delivery for orders over £5. Nice filler!
The ultimate adventure hero, Indiana Jones, is a daring archaeologist whose travels lead him into danger time and time again. Seeking not for fortune and glory, but wisdom and understanding, Indy's quests take him to the four corners of the Earth to protect history from those who would abuse it. With the launch of the fourth of his big adventures on the screen his hero status is honoured in Top Trumps style! With categories including 'Adventures', 'Combat', 'Cunning', 'Courage', 'Greed' and 'Faith & Wisdom', Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Top Trumps are a must for any fan of the film series. 6 Years +


nice been waiting to abuse my prime for these - Ta

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posted yesterday.

Not for Amazon:thumbsup:


Not for Amazon:thumbsup:

apologies, deleted my first post.:oops:

good price now need to buy something for free del lol

Good price - im sure I saw them for the same price in tesco yesterday as well.

Hmm, delivery 3-5 weeks, I guess they must have sold out.

Got it from tesco today - similar price.... had 20+ on the shelf.

I got these in tesco yesterday for same price and there was loads

Cold - £1 at all my local charity shops.


great prices!! I will recommend to my friends......:whistling:

£2.22 now...

I picked some up in tesco's tonight for the same price - Yay!


always fun are top trumps :thumbsup: :santa: :santa:
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