TOPCOM Twintalker 6800 Professional Bike Walkie Talkies - £24.45 @ Lidl

TOPCOM Twintalker 6800 Professional Bike Walkie Talkies - £24.45 @ Lidl

£24.45LIDL Deals
Found 11th Mar 2009
Available from 16/3.

High performance PMR system to allow handsfree, wireless communication between 2 or more motorcyclists
Features include:
- 8 channels with 38 CTCSS codes
- Channel scan function
- Voice activated transmission
- 5 calltones
- Background light
- 24 hour clock
- Stopwatch
- Range up to (km): 5 km

Set includes 2 earphones, microphone, push to talk handlebar button, mains adaptor, 12V incar charger, belt clip and 4 rechargeable AAA batteries
3 year manufacturer's warranty
Price per set
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perfect - exactly what I've been after for a while. H& R*

*even though I know the lidl motorcycle thread was already posted I didn't spot this :-)
I think it depends on the stock your local store will be getting - these aren't listed at my local one, only the Tronic hands-free kit

edit: No, I lied. It is listed, but not with the picture provided by the OP. H&R just for the better pictures provided!
what's the quality like?
went in to buy a set today. decided against as it was just 1 walkie talkie not 2 so we didnt bother. bit of a con
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