Topfield PVRT5800-250GB-B £199.99 including Deliery + 2% Quidco

Topfield PVRT5800-250GB-B £199.99 including Deliery + 2% Quidco

Found 17th Jan 2008
* Topfield Digital Freeview
receiver with integrated 250GB hard drive
* Twin tuner
* MPEG-2 Digital and fully DVB
* 2000 services (TV and Radio) programmable
* Multilingual audio and text support
* channel switching in less than a second
* True colour on screen display (OSD)
* Full picture in graphic (PIG) function
* Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) for on screen service information
* Subtitles supported
* Parental Lock
* Dual recording and playback simultaneously
* Dual recording and time shifting simultaneously
2.0 supported for fast PC interface
* MP3

1 Year Parts Guarantee

1 Year Labour Guarantee

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Or get one on ebay from Turbosat £164.95 delivered. Turbosat are the official UK distributor for Topfield and the TF5800 is now end of line hence the reason for Turbosat selling them off cheap on ebay and Empire Direct reducing the price.

Those with HD Ready sets and money to burn may well be better waiting for the launch of the TF5810 with HD Output and Upscaling and a 500GB HDD :thumbsup:

Edit: £164.95 from Turbosat is for the 160GB model, the 250GB is £193.95 delivered. The new model is due out any day so the prices of the old one will only get cheaper.
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