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Posted 31 August 2022

TOPK Portable Charger, 15W 10000mAh Power Bank with LED Display (USB-C Input & Output) - £11.99 @ TOPKDirect / Amazon

£11.99£16.9929% off
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Seems like it has a lot going for it, 15w with usb type c

  • USB C working as both input and output - Equipped with the latest USBC charging port,working with both input and output, not only charging, but also fits for the latest iphone, android and all new usb c devices.
  • LED Digital Display - LightsUnlike vague blinking lights, this unique portable charger features an excellent LED indicator to show the exact percentage of remaining power and current voltage during charging.
  • Safer protection - All ports feature complete charging protections alongside TOPK's latest charging technology. Built in UL certified battery cell and MultiProtect safety system's overcharge protection, short circuit protection, temperature control make you and your device safer.
  • Universal Compatibility - TOPK portable power bank is universally compatible with all products via USB charging cable, including all iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, other devices and so on.
  • Professional Service - TOPK is a R&D manufacturer for charging product, with 10 years of experience.High quality products and excellent service are our biggest advantages, so we are confident to provide you with 12 month warranty policy and 24 hours great customer service.

All ports feature complete charging protections alongside TOPK's latest charging technology. Built in UL certified battery cell and MultiProtect safety system's overcharge protection, short circuit protection, temperature control make you and your device safer.

What’s in the box: TOPK10000mAh portable charger*1, USB C cable*1, user manual*1. Within 3 years, for any quality issue, directly reach us and we'll send you a new one!

Unlike most chargers featuring a USB C input only, TOPK has an In & Out USB C port to perfectly fit your new iPhones and all upcoming USB C devices.

10000mah high capacity meet the power needs of the whole day.

The lightweight power bank is only 230g and 14*7*1.6cm in size. Very suitable for daily life, outing and travel

You can charge all of your USB devices with TOPK portable charger, even smart watch, Airpods and other devices.

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  1. Avatar
    Not good for Steam Deck. You need 65w one and 30,000 to expand SD battery life 5-6 times over.
    No, but good if you have a smartphone to charge
  2. Avatar
    Nice price buddy but I went for this in the end as wanted the bigger battery

    48132140-FTAxA.jpg (edited)
    Nice one, you may want to remove your postcode from screenshot
  3. Avatar
    Thanks. Ordered to add to my collection!
    Have about 16 or 17 power banks. Most purchased very cheap or came as freebies. Perhaps I've paid about £60-70 in total for all of them, purchased gradually over the years. Most of them are obsolete, sitting in the drawer. Probably half of them don't work anymore.
    Not a good idea collecting power banks. You'll not save much on energy.
    I remember the time when people emptied the shelves of toilet roll and oil, now it seems we will have a shortage of power banks... (edited)
  4. Avatar
    Ordered 10. Have very cunning plan how to lower my electricity bills this winter.

    My employer might not be happy though.
  5. Avatar
    Absolutely essential to keep one of these in the car for emergencies, I'm speaking from experience. (edited)
  6. Avatar
    Coming up as £21.98 then 16.98 after 5pound discount. Am I doing something wrong
    You don't see this?
    Can you try selecting other sellers

  7. Avatar
    Purchased, bargain price for this brand. I have found them 100% reliable. Have kept them for months unused and tested the charge, coming out at 97%, I'm more than happy with that discharge rate.
  8. Avatar
    Practically same specs. This one is preferable.

    This is one to look out for, every now and then it comes on at around 12.99.
    Very quick charging and we'll built. Have thoroughly tested it with my USB meter and it performs to specs.

    TOPK Power Bank, 20W PD QC 3.0 USB C Fast Charging 10000mAh Portable Charger, 3A Quick Charge with LED Display PowerBank for Cellphones and Tablets [2022 Version] amzn.eu/d/bnlN8jY (edited)
  9. Avatar
    NO reviews . Strange ..Very Strange
    Had a deeper look .Date first available is July 2022 ..Almost a month old ..and still No reviews..Still Strange. No one is buying..hence the voucher ?

    Confused between this and their older 20W Faster one (edited)
  10. Avatar
    15w for input and output so it should charge in 4 hours not overnight.

    Ill try it.

    Within 3 years, for any quality issue, directly reach us and we'll send you a new one! - sounds good. (edited)
  11. Avatar
    Any wireless ones on the horizon Switchy, like the Aukey one recently?

    I missed out on that unfortunately. (edited)
    Not that I've seen or heard, but will post if I do
  12. Avatar
    Says it supports PD, but then only has 5v output at 2.1a for both USB ports. USB C is 3a but still only 5v, so 15w max.
    It's not going to be a fast charger imo.
  13. Avatar
    I might have had ago at this but I think I'm the only person in the UK (or on hukd at least) not to have Amazon prime!
    No mate, you are not the only one. I am the only person in UK without powerbank of any sort nor Amazon prime. This Powerbank looks good to me and I think I will break the habit of a lifetime and take a punt.
  14. Avatar
    I need two. Anyone know a workaround to get 5 of both?
    ive ordered 3 got the 5 discount order one go through checkout then go back reorder the 5 discount is still there
  15. Avatar
    I have a 20w 10000mah TOPK powerbank. It's pretty good and quality made
  16. Avatar
    Cheers Ive took a punt on it (edited)
  17. Avatar
    Seems great for a basic device. Charge through cable only.. small size. 10k battery, small for basically a tenner. Great deal.

    Was really close to buying even though I don't need at all.
  18. Avatar
    Don't need it but too cheap to resist.
  19. Avatar
    I think the Tronic one supports 5, 9 & 12V input/output whereas the TOPK one is limited to just 5v
    Haven't seen anything to say the Tronic one supports 12v.

    This and the tronic one are PD enabled, so both can supply 9v (sellers on Amazon never seem to post all the details people might find useful, they only mention 5v for some reason). (edited)
  20. Avatar
    Another good deal @MrSwitch your costing me a small fortune although just noticed this in Lidl tomorrow not sure if it’s a good as the one you have posted
  21. Avatar
    Has anyone spotted any good deals on larger size batteries? Ideally 20,000mah plus!? Thanks in advance.
    As said above by a user this one looks okay amazon.co.uk/Ock…7RQ I just bought one I got this other day to power up several powerbanks I have I charge up solar battery lanterns for use at home amazon.co.uk/gp/…R3Q (edited)
  22. Avatar
    Never heard of the brand so very suspicious on how it will perform over time

    I'll stick to Anker for now but heat added
    It's a decent brand. Not shoddy at all.
    I have their metal case power bank that performs to spec and is very well made.
  23. Avatar
    can see full price
    You have to apply for the 5£ voucher on the page, tick the box.
  24. Avatar
    Mine arrived and seems to have broken the first time I used it. Half way through charging my phone from it it just went off. I thought, oh well it probably needs a good charge because it's new. Can't even get it to turn on now. I'll return it but can't help wondering if I'm doing something wrong?! It can't be because I'm plugging in a xiaomi phone can it? I mean it did charge it, it just gave up after a while.
    Start a returns request with Amazon. Might just be a faulty unit.

    Mine arrived yesterday, seems OK so far. Used it to charge my phone and seems to charge quickly via USB c cable
  25. Avatar
    Is this fast charging?
  26. Avatar
    I can't see this being much of a deal, the image above seems to imply that it's maximum output voltage is only 5v. The Lidl tronic powerbank looks better to me lidl.co.uk/p/b…206
    What's better about it as it looks to be the same/similar as this TOPK one? Just without all the benefits of Prime delivery/return if needed.

    Was about to order this one so genuine question.
  27. Avatar
    Bought thanks
  28. Avatar
    bought it, seemed like a good price considering it has USB C outputs
  29. Avatar
    I've never bothered with power banks up until now but here I am... Will this work with Xiaomi phones? I know it says android but then the product description specifically says iphone and huawei.
    Shouldn't be a problem , mine arrived half an hour ago..charging my Poco at the moment . Just a standard power bank. (edited)
  30. Avatar
    Really useful for other than phone charging. I've an Anker and Tecknet versions and use them to power and led array in an alcove with no socket and an led lit magnifying glass and tempted on this thanks
    Which LED you use, and how long does it last?
  31. Avatar
    I'm late to the game! Can anyone tell me if this will charge a Samsung S10 phone? (I think it uses something called a USB Type C cable?)
    Yes it can.
  32. Avatar
    will it also take 'standard' charger cables for android?
    You can use whichever ever cable you want. Power banks are not specific to any device. If you can plug a cable into it, it will work.
  33. Avatar
    Anyone achieving the advertised specs/speeds?

    I seem to be only getting 3.5W from the USB-A port (with other port not in use).
    Which cable are you using, how are you verifying the charging rate?
  34. Avatar
    Did anyone go for the 20,000mah Ockereed that @yeababyyea posted? I don’t know whether to go for it myself ( I’ve got an iPad Air 4 ready to setup) or go for a higher powered and better known brand? Thanks in advance.
  35. Avatar
    Just received mine, looks great for just over a tenner, build quality and appearance better than expected, lets see how long it lasts...
  36. Avatar
    Received yesterday. It's charging my pixel 3xl to 40% in about an hour and the display on the charger has gone from 100% to 60%. Surely this can't be right given the pixel battery is 3430mAh and this is a 10000mah? For info I'm using the cable that came with the charger.
    No that's not right.
    You either have some serious losses going on because of the cable or the power bank is faulty or it may just need a few full cycles to reach full capacity (around 7500 mah).
    At 40% discharge on the power bank that should equate to about 3000mah charge.

    I would expect your device to be fully charged at 50% of the power bank.
  37. Avatar
    Did anyone get this? Please let us know if it is any good
    Mine broke the first time I used it.
  38. Avatar
    I went on a night out the other day, was about to take my Anker battery pack out but decided to take this one instead. Sods law I ended up losing it in the night, and I only used it once. Looking at reviews, I'm glad I lost this one and not the other!