Topman Sale Now On

Topman Sale Now On

Found 24th Dec 2007
Topmans half price sale is now on!!
Some brilliant stuff in it!
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Everything I really wanted don't have my size...(argh!) although still managed to splash 125 quid on some nice trenches and other stuff. Voted HOT

HEADS UP. They do free delivery over 90pounds but don't worry if you can't find 90 pounds worth of stuff to buy because you can use PRDELIV to get free delivery. Also here's a bit of a tip, google nus extra for a nus number, enter it at checkout, and you'll magically receive 10% off. Even sales items. Enjoy

Has this sale started instore also?

As everything online i want is sold out unless ya large ,xtra large or XX large , ah well

Forget that, all the Jeans in size 36 are gone, wheter they are the ones I want or not, Grrrrrrr!!!!


Do i need to apply for a NUS Extra card or anything?

no 48s in suit jackets


Never seem to have the sizes I want in their sales :-(

I saw this (I think) on Christmas Eve. I had assumed then that the sale hadn't started because everything I looked at seemed to be out of stock. Even things like belts, which only have one size! Quite why they are advertising things that were never in stock, I don't know...

They do have some of the online sale stuff instore, I got some 32/32 skinny jeans that were out of stock from the beginning on the 'sale'.
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