Topple 2+ To celebrate the launch of the new game free at the moment @ iTunes
Topple 2+ To celebrate the launch of the new game free at the moment @ iTunes

Topple 2+ To celebrate the launch of the new game free at the moment @ iTunes

Whats New:

To celebrate the launch of the Plus+ network, Topple 2 is now FREE!

Topple 2 now uses the Plus+ Network! Show off your scores to the world with Plus+ leaderboards, earn Plus+ Points and compare your Awards with your Plus+ friends, and take your progress anywhere with Network iSave. If you have OS 3.0, instantly challenge your friends directly via the Plus+ network.

Following the hit game Topple that has attracted over 3 million downloads, this content packed sequel delivers four new game modes and the ability to play with friends! Immerse yourself in 30 levels over 6 Topple worlds that allow you to balance and stack fun and playful Topple blocks using multi-touch and accelerometer controls. Dominate global Plus+ leaderboards and earn Plus+ Points as you progress through the game.

Challenge your friends to a "stack attack," racing one another in real-time. No friends near you? With Direct Challenges, you can now send your ghost play-through to your friends over the Plus+ Network so they can accept your challenge at their convenience!

Enjoy the classic Topple experience, and master the new modes, as well. Upside-down mode inverts gravity for a topsy-turvy play experience. Balance mode lets you weigh two towers against each other. Power Tower mode challenges you to build a power line using conductive blocks. Rescue mode uses your tower building skills to save the precious golden egg.

Through Plus+ and Network iSave, youll never have to worry about losing your progress, even on a new device!

PLUS+ ENABLED Add friends, access online leaderboards, and earn Plus+ Points. Send Direct Challenges to your friends via the Plus+ network!

Play new game mechanics including Upside-down, Balancer, Power Tower and Rescue!

Compete head-to-head with your friends using Wi-Fi

Send Ghost challenges to your friends directly through Plus+ or using Facebook, Twitter, or E-mail.

Unlock massive replayability with free play versions of all the game modes.

Enjoy the visuals of six new worlds, playful animations and a sweeping musical score

Drag, rotate and tilt familiar Topple faces in this brand new world!
New in this version - Improved access to friend's awards lists within Plus+

- Topple 2 Plus+ players can now play versus mode against Topple 2 players


Thank you.

Downloading now...



Great game... a little like "Boom Blox" [Wii] & elements of Tetris.

You need to have an account with "Plus+" to play, but it takes less than a minute to sign-up (and probably the best part of 3 hours to read the ]Terms & Conditions and ]Privacy Policy).

Some screen images taken from [ plusplus.com/gam…ots ].


Game-play video hosted at YouTube.com:

[ youtube.com/wat…Gic ]



ngmoco really are awesome devs they gave away topple 1 when this came out.

Downloaded topple 1 and 2+, heated and repped!
An awesome game, even awesomer because it is free and my itunes has 6p on it!!

DOwnloaded. Thanks

Gotta give them loads of personal details to play.


Gotta give them loads of personal details to play.

I played locally with just a registration username & an e-mail address.




great game thanks
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