Torch 1p free delivery amazon/unichain

Torch 1p free delivery amazon/unichain

Found 16th May 2013
Made from heavy duty aluminium
4 LED lamp
Waterpoof (not submeriable)
Shock proof
1 Year Warranty

Expired: Gone to £2.99 now. Well I ordered 130, lets see if it gets honored.
- hayat55

Greedy ^^^^
- TheBoss96


Ordered 100 for a quid

lol did u really order 100

ordered lets see if they honour it

Like they will honour them lol

how can they make money at this price?

if it goes get dispatched i wonder if u will get a huge courier delivery haha, deff worth a quid

Bought 102 lol

100 ordered here! Gonna use em as Xmas lights!

Yeah there not gonna honour it but ordering a 100 will alert them to the error straight away, If they send all 100 I'm gonna seletape them all to an old bike wheel to make an Alan partridge style ceiling light

Bought 10... didn't want to push my luck! I ordered one and this picture was on the order but if you click on it it takes you to the torch which has 3 of the 4 reviews referring to it as a phone.
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i bought 3 :-)

Ordered 300 guess b cancelled b ok for car booting

Oh but I want a pink one.....


you may receive a phone instead of a torch

Only ordered 2, fingers crossed.

Well in that case...

didn't wanna be greedy....just 25 for me

you can order 1 or 1000, it will get cancelled


you may receive a phone instead of a torch

yeah an iPhone would be great

10,000 ordered.


Ordered 300 guess b cancelled b ok for car booting

Tell me you didn't order 300 oO

Had a £100 amazon voucher - eagerly awaiting my shipment of 10000 torches - thanks!

lol hope you all get them honored

Ordered 20 - batteries included - lets see if I get them.

150 items will be delivered to XXXX from UNICHAIN. Estimated delivery: 21 May 2013 - 25 May 2013


Ordered 130. Lets wait and see.

ordered, cheers


If it gets dispatched im gonna order the whole lot!

think unichain are going to be out of business by the end of the day oO

ordered 5..

Still showing stock and as 1p why is this expired?

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Spammed for some reason ?


They are also selling ipod 4g cases for 0.01 P - ordered 10 of each cases. !!!

This e-mail is only an acknowledgement of receipt of your order and your contract to purchase these items is not complete until we send you an e-mail notifying you that the items have been dispatched to you.

Ordered 30. see if they come through.

well I ordered 2, hoping it might come off, but will silly order quantities there's zero chance.

Don't get why people go over the top on ordering stuff.


" Dispatching Soon "

Review says the speakers work really well...
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