Torchlight (PC) for sale, $10 (about £6.40) from Official Torchlight site.
Torchlight (PC) for sale,  $10 (about £6.40) from Official Torchlight site.

Torchlight (PC) for sale, $10 (about £6.40) from Official Torchlight site.

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For those not in the know, this is a great "diablo clone". Well received by all, addictive and fun.

If you missed the original steam sale a few months back, this might be the closest you'll get anytime soon.

Will expire Oct 29th 8am PST

Price is an estimation based on current exchange rate.



If you buy it on Steam, then you get both the PC and Mac version (here the Mac version is an extra $20). If that matters to you, then it may be worth waiting for another Steam sale.

Also this version has a 10 activation limit DRM scheme, with the option to request more activations.
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Usually they're just a formality (to make sure some dude isn't installing it on 10,000 PC's) - bigfishgames do similar. Every time I've asked for more activations, they've complied without any hassle.

But yeah if you want the mac edition, hold out is good advice, since $19.99 isn't a great deal anyway.

This deal was posted for the PC gamers amongst us tbh! MAC PEOPLE SMELL! *ducks*

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*tries to fan the flames*

£14.99 on steam

£9 on Amazon

£12 on Zavvi

So, great game, cheapest price available, and yours to download instantly. Can only assume lack of votes is due to people not knowing the game; in which case I suggest you read up, there's a reason there's a sequel AND an mmo of torchlight in the works.

And once you've landed on the torchlight boat, you're welcome.

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You could argue this is hot as it is probably the cheapest price right now, but it has been £3.75 on steam previously (in June this year) and there's every chance it will be in a steam sale again at the end of the year.

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That was to boost the game's popularity and make it well-known. It's now popular and well-known.

You might be right, but I'll put my money on "you'll be lucky to see it under £7". Apart from when the sequel is released, at which point it might be about £10 or free if you pay £25 for Torchlight 2 or something.

Pure speculation but I have a keen eye for these kinds of things.. and for those who want to place their faith in someone relatively new to the boards.. I've been a gamer for 28 years and I know the trends well.
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The game got really 'samey' for me so I stopped playing it after about 5 hours. Besides that, hot deal and a decent game.

great diablo clone and indeed improves greatly on d2 in a number of aspects (damn i love the lootdog).

still, the game model is dated and while i loved both diablo and d2 (diablo was the first game i ever played online) to me at least this hasn't aged well - loot farming is fun but i feel it just gets tiresome so only play it in short bashes.

worth it for £7 if you've not played it yet and it's probably the best of the 'diablo clone' genre (including diablo and d2) but i see that money more towards helping a worthy cause of an indie studio producing more games with great potential than being a bargain for a good game

I bought it when it was cheap on Steam, but there is no telling if it will ever be that cheap again.

I really think we'll see it in a bigger Steam sale again, either at the end of the year or in January... I'll hold out anyway.
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