Torchwood - Children of Earth [2 DVD Set] [2009] £8.99 delivered @ Amazon & Play

Torchwood - Children of Earth [2 DVD Set] [2009] £8.99 delivered @ Amazon & Play

Found 22nd Mar 2010
Torchwood - Children of Earth [2 DVD Set] [2009] £8.99 delivered @ Amazon & Play

Torchwoods third series takes a bold and ambitious step, as it moves away from its usual 13-episode formula, replacing it with a five-episode season, based around one core story. Broadcast over five consecutive nights on its original transmission to keep the momentum going, DVD arguably ups the ante still further, offering an opportunity to devour it all in one sitting.
And its an opportunity well worth taking up. Following the dark denouement to its last season, Torchwood: Children Of Earth sees Captain Jack Harkness and his team facing a massive threat to the planet. Put simply, every single child on the Planet Earth has suddenly stopped. Aided by Gwen and Ianto, the onus is firmly on Captain Jack to save the day.

But the threat is arguably as big as anything Torchwood has previously faced. When a warning that something is coming follows the sudden stopping of the children, the mystery deepens further, and further events soon make the Torchwood team the hunted. The end of the world could well be coming

Torchwood: Children Of Earth is frantic, exciting science fiction television, that benefits enormously from its new format. The leads are on their usual good form, led by John Barrowman, and theres also strong support from The Thick Of Its Peter Capaldi and Charles Abomeli. And with the assured direction of Doctor Who regular Euros Lyn behind the camera, its a classy all-round production.

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