Torchwood Series 2 @ BBC shop for £27.30.
Torchwood Series 2 @ BBC shop for £27.30.

Torchwood Series 2 @ BBC shop for £27.30.

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Hi all,

noticed this when buying my Dads crimbo present the other day....

When using the free delivery voucher attached the Price above is given for this box set...which is the cheapest I could find.

I am sure this price my drop in a few months time, but if for a crimbo present its the best out there and I am sure there are some doctor/torchwood fans that may appreciate this.

Hope it helps someones crimbo shopping!


thanks for that, my aunty was after this for christmas for her bloke, heat added
also 7.5% quidco

Why not spend an extra £2.09 and get series one as well?

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What about the people that already have series 1? but by all means hijack the thread? maybe start one for that?

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Submitted a deal for that now, and added your name for rep

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Why now start voting cold? this is the best deal for this boxset, granted in the other thread you can get both series for a little more, but for those that already have series 1 this is a good deal? if you dont like torchwood that is not a reason to vote cold surely

well i think this is a good deal, i asked my aunt if her partner has season 1 and she said yes, play are selling season 2 for £37.99 play.com/DVD…tml not been able to find it cheaper than the bbc shop unless i am missing something lol

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Cheers Grolly, thats the thing I do not like about this place sometimes, things being voted cold without any justification other than not liking the product....its a deal...I am glad I helped you and your family out at least. Definitly saved me a few quid to.

This is a great find, i saw it myself yesterday when looking for series 2, but it's even a better deal with the £2.45 off, you've encouraged me to buy it today.

Heat added.

He got his tallywhacker out on BBC Radio. Cold for me.

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He got his tallywhacker out on BBC Radio. Cold for me.

LMAO well thats a valid cold vote if I ever heard one

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I am still confused as to the cold voting...its the cheapest online!

Voted hot, still the best deal if the person you are buying for already has series 1.

Voting something cold just because you don't like it (even if it's a good deal) defeats the purpose of the site. A deals a deal...
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